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Akshaya Wants to share a love story with you guys:

“Once upon a time there lived a beautiful couple. They were passionate, understanding and loving like any other newly married and vowed to be with each other in any circumstances. They went hand in hand building their small world. At some point they had to sacrifice this and that but they kept their little wishes for better days to come. People around them praised them for being such perfect man and wife. A year went by. Nearing to their first anniversary the girl started tailoring a blanket with the cloths she already had with her, nothing fancy! She knew her husband’s struggle and didn’t expect anything back. He was overwhelmed to find his wife so thoughtful and couldn’t hold back his joy, he planted a warm kiss on her lips.

Years kept passing. The situations changed. Their small but beautiful world gradually grew and the beauty paced slow. Living together for so long made them open to each other and they stopped caring not to say certain things which developed in to arguments and little fights, but even after having all this happening, end of the day, they lied under the same old blanket, close enough for their hearts to mingle, unite, bond and erase the issues before the next morning broke… One fine morning, while she was making the bed, she found the blanket worn out and torn apart in a few places. She brought this to her husband’s notice and they planned to buy a new one before winter starts. They went to this blanket-wala in the market only to get owe-struck by seeing different beautiful collections they had, from wool to silk to heavily crafted, hand embroidered and so on. Its only then the shopkeeper shows them this exotic floral print quilts which grabbed both their attention. One liked the orange and purple one while the other liked the blue and green one. There were many other patterns the guy wanted to show them but they refused to see and kick-start an argument right in the middle of the outlet. As both denied to give-up on the ones they personally liked or to give themselves time to check if there is something else available which is close to both their tastes, they had to bag both the blankets. The old torn one made with love and compassion got moved to an unwanted cellar of their cupboard.

They returned equally content and happy with their choices. The fresh odor of the fabric made them bounce with joy and they slept wholeheartedly that night without realizing that their hearts were struggling to meet in two different bodies under the suffocating fragrances… As usual they kept having little little issues in between them which used to be sorted by themselves without their own knowledge, but this time it kept accumulating in their hearts and they drifted away to their ‘own’ sides inside their ‘own’ blankets. Their tiny but beautiful world split right in the middle of their bed, building a hump that’s only possible to flatten but through compassion again…

the blanket theory
the blanket theory

The most powerful wand in the world is our fingers. All it takes is a compassionate touch to melt the hardest heart. Don’t let your brain make the practical moves and your heart struggle…let it go…let your ego go to hell…it’s your love…it’s your better half…if you stumble and fall, you wouldn’t get angry with your foot and stop walking…so is how you gotta deal with your Love!!! Gone days are gone, remember! any longest life will be too short when you are in Love, so don’t waste it to feed the demon resides in your head but the angle imprisoned in your ribs..!! The universe is dark and sharing is a tiny candle light. Every time you share, you light up a candle and you world brightens. Things become clear, clearer until one day you both becomes as transparent as crystal clear water and all it takes is a gaze to read each other’s mind. Ain’t that a great way to communicate in a crowded environment? At least you can save your private matters from the eavesdroppers… LOL!! ”Honey meet me at the patio lemme peck you once and for all…” Share your thoughts ideas secrets and everything, that way you build a brighter healthier lighter world of yours..!!

Stay loved smarties..!!

the blanket theory
the blanket theory


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