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Whenever my grandma comes to stay with me, I always have a lot to share with you all 😀 . Hope you have gone through my earlier posts “Granny’s diary – Ain’t we missing something?”  and “Indian Soaps..ufff”. Grandparents possess a bundle of knowledge. There can be many rules and regulation when they are around us which they want us to believe and follow, like never apply oil on fasting days, never call back when someone is leaving home, enter your home with your right leg ….They does everything in a manner which their ancestors have guided them, but we, the new generation always ignore this. Even though I always win the argument with her, deep down in my heart I always know she is correct and is telling all this for my own sake. Now scientifically it has been proved that what our ancestors have been following is actually good for us, now let me share the logic behind few of my granny’s belief 😀

granny's tale

  • No bathing soon after having your food or else you will starve in your life eventually. The scientific reason is that for easy digestion, body’s heat should be maintained; taking a bath cools down our body leading to indigestion. logic! 😀
  • You should always sit and eat, it’s because while standing we may tend to eat more and we may not know how much we are eating, so it is advisable to sit and eat.
  • Cleaning your face and legs before entering your home or else evil spirits will accompany you. Scientifically it’s related to hygienic, we tend to accumulate lot of germs when going out, so in order to avoid that they ask to wash our feet and legs.
  • Never sleep facing North side, as we know our planet has a magnetic pole stretched from north to south with the positive pole at the north and the negative pole at the south. We too have a similar magnetic stretch within us, with the positive pole at the head and the negative one at the feet. So the unlike pole attract and like pole repels thus causing heaviness or tiredness when you wake up.
  • Married woman should always wear sindoor- Sindoor is worn on one’s forehead where there is Ajna chakra or Brahma sthana. Sindoor (which consist of mercury, turmeric alum and lime) controls blood pressure and activates sexual drive.
  • Never show mirror to infants as they can see devil in it: Scientifically an infants eye is so tender that a direct light rays can cause damage to retina, light reflection through mirror is so powerful that it can damage infants eyes that’s why it’s being said so.
  • You shouldn’t wear any gold ornaments below your navel, as gold is considered as Goddess Lakshmi and it’s like disrespecting her. Our body is divided into two parts – Upper and lower level. In the lower part (i.e. below naval) they used only silver ornaments, whereas in the upper portion they used gold ornament Actually constant rubbing of gold on the ‘vital nerve centre’ of legs may cause rheumatism .But it is preferable to wear silver as it acts as a cooling nature and heeling power.
  • Woman shouldn’t sleep on their back or else Gandharvn (mythological Casanova) will be fond of your body. Scientifically, laying on your back is not healthy way for women as it may cause damage to your backbone eventually, so it is advised to sleep on your left side.

    This isn’t over yet, there are tons and tons of sayings and believes in our culture. Will keep you posted the rest of granny’s tales later. You can accept it or reject it, but I believe there is some good intention in all our ancestors rules and regulations and their believes.
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17 thoughts on “Logic behind Granny’s belief!

  1. what a post..loved it.. I am surprised by the things we get to hear from our grandparents and what are they scientifically meant for.. so interesting

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