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It is 2016 and I will say this is one of the best year since the first 3 days of the year are holiday 😀 . Past year passed by in a jiffy. No idea if the year went fast or slow it was one year with lots of events, travel and happenings around. Much change happened in 2015 when compared to 2014. Gadget prices came down drastically, many good international brands launched in India, App based cab, food delivery etc gained popularity. In fact, 2015 life of people were depending on gadgets and applications than the usual way. Some apps which I used throughout and have been using in my smartphone, Tab is a life saver for people in DelhiNCR. I have made a list of must have SmartPhone Apps for DelhiNCR & Mumbai Folks.

  • Google Maps – Yes, You know why 🙂 There are no better maps than this one. Also with the google now launcher it keeps a track of your daily commute and frequently used routes which will help you later.
  • UBER / OLA – A big relief from the overly priced call taxi services with easier payment options. The main advantage of these were you have enough and more options with various pricing and payment options like credit card, payment wallets etc. I am not sure whether many of you know this fact, but the main advantage of using a Uber or Ola is when you are making payment through Wallet you can make the car stop anywhere and get down. Usually, this is not possible at high traffic zones where stopping a car for more than a minute can cause traffic blocks. Also, no need of opening your wallet & showcasing the money or cards in there.
  • Payment Wallets – PayTm, Mobikwik, Freerecharge etc are names which have become very common nowadays. They are payment wallets and they are doing good business by making people use the cashless facility. Almost all bill payments, recharges, shopping & travel can be done using these wallets.
  • Grofers/Big Basket/ Pepper Tap – Grocery, fruits, Meat products or whatever you need for your daily life just on your finger tips. Fire up the app and you can choose what all things you need, create the shopping list, pay online or use cash on delivery and get it delivered to your place within few hours.
  • Zomato/FoodPanda – Food delivery services which have a list of restaurants and delivery service based on location. The best part is the discounts you get mostly.
  • Ridlr – I started using this app a bit late, but found it useful especially their alerts. They provide alerts based on traffic situations, vehicle breakdown, delay in metro service etc. 
  • NTES – The enquiry system by Indian railways which is the best option to find out train timings, current running status and also about the availability.
  • UTS – This is an app by the railways which is used for suburban ticketing as well as platform tickets. These are two things or much-needed things considering the difficulty to buy suburban train tickets standing in the long queue.
  • Delhi Public Transport – This is a very useful app by google maps team. It works offline too. This app has options regarding all the transport options in DelhiNCR,and also the timetables for all types of public transport. You can search for the available public transport options by searching from source to target.

The above 3 apps are a must have in DelhiNCR henceforth. Considering the even-odd rule to curb pollution, it is imperative to have these apps. They will help to figure out the public transport options and plan your journey as per that.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based on my personal user experience and hence any exclusions are my personal decision.

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