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Life is difficult we say, but she is always happy and cheerful, her life is colorful. It’s about the love story of a super filmy girl (most of us are πŸ˜› ), Gunjan. BTW, she is a friend of ours and we share the same wedding date πŸ˜€ (different year though)

Read on:

“In the summers of 2004 I got myself enrolled in one of the most prestigious agricultural universities of India. It wasn’t a choice; it had to happen because I couldn’t clear any pre-medical examinations β€˜worth my while.’ Eventually I accepted this hard fact and took it up as a challenge. Having been studying in girls’ school all my life, dealing with the new co-educational environment came as a refreshing change and instilled excitement as well.

Landed college & the scenario was just the opposite. A girls’ hostel where seniors were all set with fake names and tasks for us freshmen, I somewhat lost it. Wanting to go back home every now and then, I gradually found solace in being β€˜ragged’. My only resort to entertainment; all they wanted us to do was to mimic professors, lay eggs like lizards would but not mate (!), dance like drunk uncles in wedding processions, become pressure cookers, videographers, mute singers and everything that was pure fun. I literally opted to do such tasks when seniors were on ragging spree; I kinda enjoyed it and they enjoyed me. Not literally.

During this initial phase, checking out boys was a difficult job altogether due to strict instructions by seniors to walk with drooping heads. Interested or not, you would anyway want to know what kind of boys study with you! Classroom was the place where they could see us and we could see them. Boys in white shirts buttoned up till the collar and super tight black pants would keep spinning their oil-drenched heads whispering to this one and that. We, no matter how short the length, had oily tresses plaited into two, wearing broad red ribbons and innumerable bob pins. Not even one strand of hair should let lose or seniors would nag you with β€˜kisko jhulayengi aap in zulfon mein’. Our dress code was an atrociously mismatched salwar-suit with dupatta folded into a β€˜V’ on the chest. Despite the look, we had some good amount of confidence to believe that some boy in class was checking us out. We created imaginary, baseless romantic pairs. She said she finds him cute and we paired them up, teased her when he was around, nudged her and eventually we managed to create sparks! Interestingly, by the end of first year the pairs that we created actually landed up becoming couples.

Life is Beautiful!
Life is Beautiful!


The most cherished ragging period ended and inductions into various cultural societies began. One Sunday all of us agriculture students were asked to visit College of Technology. The avenue just got bigger for bird-watching. All this while we had been hearing Casanova stories about the Tech boys and how they are more appealing in all ways than our Agrarian men. Now was the time. We hit the road, all jazzed up and enthralled. Sitting in the waiting lounge we wished our turn to never come. It was much better outside here where Tech guys were strolling, some there for supervising and some to just check out the new crop in the university. Amidst the hustle-bustle a friend of mine suddenly elbowed me and with her eyes she pointed at this very tall boy in a red tee, denims and leather chappals. He had a small soul patch beard and had spiked his hair up. Honestly, this guy was a breather. Our eyes met and he passed by me not to be found anymore. We continued exploring the untapped shores until my turn came. And there I saw him again sitting with the interviewer who was coincidentally my Rakhi brother. He introduced himself and seemed to be taking interest in my whereabouts and budged in with a few questions. I wanted to believe that he was taking interest in me but almost unaffected I left the venue with the other ladies who also seemed fascinated with newer experience. That night in our wing balcony we girls had a lot to talk about πŸ˜‰

Life is Beautiful!
Life is Beautiful!


Finally semester results were announced and as expected I was through! There was a LOT to look forward to but for a girl like me, it was too much to think about dating someone I was… umm kinda crushing on. I got all set for our first orientation meet waiting to catch a glimpse of him for the second time. I reached the venue and all this while my eyes were searching for him. He didn’t come. Disappointed I went back to the hostel. My cheeky inmates only bugged me all the more with their poking questions about my tryst with the mystery man.” (to be continued..)

And since long stories are a no, we thought we will publish the rest in next post πŸ™‚ Wait up and do read it. In the mean time, let us know your thoughts on Gunjan’s Β story πŸ˜€

Gunjan’s BlogΒ –Β

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58 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful: Real love story

  1. Loved reading your post.. it reminded of my college ragging days.. even though my seniors were not allowed to rag freshers yet they did not let the hostelers get away without it. Being a hosteler it was difficult to hide from them πŸ™ !

    1. that’s true, but college without such fun raggings are really boring i feel πŸ˜› . every fresher is a senior next year πŸ˜‰

  2. Beautiful story!..:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I do remember our YWCA Days….:) As your roommate .
    Ya!Its was just 2 -3 months , But i always loved talking to you.
    That time we shared a lot.. about each other .

    Definitely its a splendid start of … & its not just story….. you lived that, Loved that share the fragrance of love … πŸ™‚ waiting desperately for the next post….. All the best SWEETHEART!

      1. Hey Shailja, I remember how we shared experiences then and i was the one to talk more and share. You were always there listening and advising like an elder sister. Thanks for being there. Let’s meet soon πŸ™‚

  3. What a splendid write up. I always enjoy your blogs. You are just adorable dee. :* πŸ™‚
    Though I read it a bit late, I do not have to wait for the next one. :p
    Awesome… :*

      1. Thanks VP, I didn’t mention this to you cuz i didnt want to bug you during exams. Glad you read it. Thanks for your love.

        Love you loads :*

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