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How many of you read the morning newspaper or listen to morning news daily? If it’s a No there is nothing to be embarrassed of.. Just look through the headlines, Is there a single positive story which brightens up our day or a worth reading news? Corruption, sexual assault, homicide, religious attack, adultery, violent crimes, military attacks etc are the most happening news in the front page of every newspaper. Now how are we supposed to begin a day with pleasantness after going through this kind of news? I always wished that at least they could spare the first half of  first page to publish some pleasant news like India winning in sports, receiving awards, new inventions or discoveries etc. But alas.. 😐

We are experts in  blaming Government for the present situation. But remember, we chose them and we don’t have the right to complain now. Do not follow your parents while deciding your candidate, they will show their loyalty towards their favorite party forever, you should have the common sense to think and decide the best for our nation. Moreover, the government can’t do anything without your help.

I have seen lot of people complaining that this is the dirtiest place to live in, by saying that he/she will be littering at the same moment. When I asked about it they were saying its government’s job to clean up the place. I really wished to stuff his mouth with the litters. On the contrary, once when I was traveling in the train a foreign couple sitting beside me was having their snacks, soon after eating it, they folded the wrapper and kept in a bag until the next station comes to dispose it in the dustbin. We can’t blame government all the time unless we start the change from  our side and teach our kids about it.

There are certain things, small effortless things which we can do to create a better place to live.

  •  Carrying a cotton or jute shopping bag whenever you are going out, don’t encourage those who give their products in a plastic bag.
  •  You will not understand the happiness in helping others unless you do it. Like guiding them when they are lost, giving way to elders, skipping queues for disabled or elders. “Sorry I am busy” is a lame excuse.
  • Wait for those who are getting down from the train/ bus before pushing yourself and others to get inside the public transport. Remember, for those who are inside have only this one train/bus to get out,  while you can get in to another train or bus 😛
  •  Don’t encourage beggars by giving them money, give any kind of eatables you have in your bag. Giving a toffee is also a good gesture, but never ever give them any money. By doing so you are just encouraging beggary.
  •  You are ready to pay the bulk amount at branded shops without questioning, but when it comes to street vendors why we always bargain, that too for 5- 10 bucks?
  • We are the new generation, and if we are physically fit, we should give our seat to elders, disabled or pregnant ladies. “Others are not giving their seat so why should I”- should not be the first thought you should have.
  •  Stay away from the company of hate mongers, especially those religious extremist.
  •  Leave early from home to avoid rash driving and hurrying. It’s all fate. We don’t know what’s gonna happen to us in the next moment. Even if we are cautious negligence of others can cause an accident. Follow the traffic rules.
  •  Children are watching you, when you try to be a responsible citizen, they will also be following it.
  •  Don’t dispose of your old clothes, books or toys; give them to those poor kids who can’t afford any.
  •  Spread awareness to children about the consequence of littering, wasting electricity, plastic usage, water wastage etc
  •  Sex education is not a taboo or it is not going to hurt our culture, educate your kids the same in the right away. This may help them escape from situations where people take advantage of them.

We cannot change the society, but at least we can bring changes among ourselves by following some good manners. It’s never too late. Stop giving excuses and blaming others. Let’s be a responsible citizen to bring small changes.

Do share with us how you try to help others.
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34 thoughts on “Let’s try to be a responsible citizen

  1. Great post. I wish more people had your frame of mind. If everyone just tried a little harder this planet would be far better off. I mean we all live on the same planet and it’s our responsibility to tale care of it. Instead poeple think oh someone else will take care of it.

  2. This is such a nicely written Article Jini…I would like to congratulate you for this thought provoking post 🙂
    I agree parents are always loyal to their respective parties but we should use our vote accordingly…
    We have to be a bit more responsible!

  3. Beautifully written Babe! I agree with each nd every point you have listed down..Sometimes people just lack a common sense & are so caught up in themselves….If everyone makes even 0.1% efforts…the world will be a lot better place!

  4. I totally agree we need to be more responsible and have a little gratitude for what we do have… we are blessed… have a great weekend 🙂

  5. You have put this across really beautifully, if only people could be a little more sensitive to the environment & people around them, this world would be a better place to live in.

  6. You have stated the real life that we live in everyday. This post is inspirational and at the same time makes us aware. I too agree that newspapers are a disheartening read. And as for us being responsible we may be aware but we never take our own responsibilities. We just try to get rid off it by dumping it on the next person. We are just careless and selfish…….

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