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Today I have a story to tell you guys. This is not a thriller or suspense but a true inspirational story. This story is based in the banks of Ganges, Varanasi. It ain’t the story of a boy running behind a girl or someone who became famous in Varanasi, but about a School.The story of a Boat school and what it does for the betterment of our society and how we can help in sailing a better boat school.

Let me take you guys to Varanasi, the most famous spiritual and cultural destination of our country. Many of us or atleast the elders at our home would have had a dip in the Holy Ganga to wash away all the sins. In the banks of the same holy river you’ll find children doing child labour to earn their lively hood. “Chotu chai leke aa” (hey kid, get me a cup of tea) or some other dialogues that we hear in most towns where you see “Chotu” (little kid) dong the job instead of going to school. There are many “chotu’s” who earn a living this way.

The inspirational story of Varanasi Boat school begins here: Mr Aeet Singh, who runs NGO Guria has transformed an old boat into a ‘school’ for less privileged children. Don’t get carried away by the name ‘school’, it’s still not a full day working school. These children spend their two hours of time after their daily work at boat school. They learn, play and enjoy atleast few hours of their childhood which they should ideally be doing the whole day. These kids also have dreams and ambitions, but many of them never get to complete their dreams because of duty calls. Don’t you guys think being a part of this is the best way to wash away our sins than a dip in holy Ganga?

The boat school is still in their initial stage and this is where we can help them to transform it into a full fledged school for those children who are not privileged enough to go to school. We all might be supporting some or other Charity orgs or NGO’s. The boat school is much better than those because, to build a nation with smart people we should be able to guide the youngest generation first and educate them to become smart . I salute the bold initiative of Mr Ajeet and team for taking such an inspirational step towards fighting against one of the biggest curse of our country- Illiteracy.

boat school

Helping them:

They aim at a magical transformation starting from makeover of the interiors, a library, educational toys, stationery, a computer and a painting kit. 

 Now, when we asked the children there, they requested for more text books, pen educational  games and a better environment to learn. This is not a big deal considering what we earn and also what we spend. Instead of thinking doing something big, think about the bare minimum you can do. That doesn’t mean you should donate huge amounts, but atleast start with small ones and If you can, you can sponsor for facilities like computer, scholarships etc for the students. You can also try to donate books, old toys and a small amount of money yearly to the Boat school. As drops of water makes an ocean lets contribute our bit and make this small step a huge success.

Let more Boat schools arose across our country and wipe out illiteracy and child labour. Their tiny hands are to hold books, pens and coloring pencils and not tea cups, untidy utensils or hard metals to work. Do Right and don’t encourage child labour

These tiny step taken in the banks of holy river Ganges will help in transforming India to a better nation for our future generation.

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9 thoughts on “Let’s all Help in sailing a better Boat school

  1. That’s really inspirational, things should not only be talked it should be actually done then only we can take literacy away from our country.

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