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The world is in trouble plagued by a new disease, any guesses? Yes, you guessed it right. Taking selfies has become a epidemic.

Year: 1980’s
Scene: A Tourist spot/ picnic

Scene is quite common, tourist’s enjoying a splendid time with family, friends or relatives. Chatting, playing games, munching, joking, observing, exploring, excited about the new experience. Taking few photos that too with constant reminder of how many film is left out. Literally everyone was enjoying to the fullest. They return back with lot of memories in their mind to cherish it forever.

Year :2015
Scene: Obviously the same place


Please make way for the selfie maniacs and born talented photographers . Rather than exploring and enjoying the tourist location, everyone is aimed for just one thing “lets take a selfie and upload it #Facebook # Instagram # whatsapp # Flicker # whatnot.



Please don’t imagine that I am the saint guru who doesn’t do these things. Even I am no different from them . If you find a perfect spot, there will be thousands in queue to take a picture from there and if we ask about the significance of that location, we can see a grinning face. Pls don’t poke me with your selfie stick 🙁

Year: 2040
OMG!!! Do you seriously want to know about it. Let’s just stick to past and present.

Tours and travelling were suppose to bring excitement in our mind, but nowadays we get excited for a different cause like what will we be wearing for photo shoot, how we will pose, what to eat etc. The least thought is what all we can explore or learn form there. Yes, photographs are the best mode to retain memories, but once we sees the photo we just remembers that exact photo moment not the memories surrounding it. Now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take photos at all. Do take photos whenever you feel like but not for the mere fulfillment of your social networking needs. If you are not interested in enjoying the beauty of the places you visit, sit at home and Google those images.

Oops!!! I forgot to upload my new grey hair selfie.. BRB.. 😉

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