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A child is born not when he/she comes out from their mother’s womb, but when she/he becomes an embryo. The growth of child starts then and there, both physically and mentally. In Mahabharata, the story of Abhimanyu is well known, on how he learned to enter the chakravyuha when he was in his mother’s womb. Abhimanyu had heard and remembered the technique when Lord Krishna was narrating it to his mother when he was still in her womb. Even the story of Prahlada, when Prahlada’s mother was pregnant with him, she used to listen to devotional songs. Therefore, even though Prahlada took birth in a Rakshasa (evil) family, he became a devotee of Lord Vishnu. LOL! it’s not a spiritual class 😀 What I mean to say is that from the time pregnancy your child’s development starts taking place.

Every child is a wonder child for their parents. Its like, “my child is the perfect child”, unless we ask a second opinion from others. Child’s behavior depends on parenting. Respect those parents who:-

  • Teach their kids to respect the elders especially their grand parents.
  • Family not staying in their native, but still teaches their kids their mother tongue ( I have come across a lot who says ‘Ohh he doesn’t understand his mother tongue” – I don’t know why they feel proud about it???
  • Those who doesn’t vent their anger on children, when they are upset about something.
  • Who doesn’t force their dreams upon children which they failed to achieve once , but rather motivates their child’s dream.
  • The working parents who puts aside (at least) half an hour of their busy schedule to spend it with their children (with No mobile, no laptop, no TV)
  •  Those who don’t fulfill all the adamant wishes of their child, because they know protecting them is more important than earning the child’s love.
  • The parents who doesn’t beat their children but punishes them in more sensible way, like no more favorite cartoon or no more chocolates etc.
  • Those parents who takes effort not to fight in front of their kids and who always have at least their dinner together.
  • Parents who corrects their child when he does something wrong rather than saying “Oh he is so naughty, or he doesn’t listen to anybody”and who can make-out  the difference between naughtiness and spoiled brats.parenting-wordle1

    “Kids will be naughty, let them have fun, we don’t want to grow them up with military rules, we don’t want to over control them” – This is what most of them will be thinking now, but let me ask you something, will you let your child play with electronics items, gas stove, hot things so that they can have fun? NO, because you know that it’s gonna hurt them physically, but are you preparing your children socially?

    Kids can make mistakes, they are innocent, but they are not at all responsible for their deeds, it’s definitely about parenting. They may never listen to what you are saying, but they always observe you. They are just mimicking how you behave, how you speak, how you do things. You can’t expect them to be polite when you are shouting at your parents or others, you can’t expect them to be truthful when you are lying to your parents, friends or colleagues, you can’t expect them to be tidy when you are throwing your stuff around your home, you cant make them study when you are glued to daily soap..

    So, try to correct yourself and then you can try to correct your children. Your kids are what you are. Set an example for good parenting, on how well your kids are brought up and how good your parenting is, so that others wish they had children like yours. 🙂
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