Journey to Indore – Intercity Express’s Dilemma

Onam, the festival of prosperity is in September, being a Malayalee, even we wanted to celebrate Onam, even when we are away from home. This means we wanted to celebrate with our cousins and that is where we thought about Indore. My sister resides there and the trip will become family visit as well as pleasure trip. The flight options were not so cheap, also journey to Indore is just overnight from here, we booked train tickets. To be frank, train journey is also costly now. 🙁

We boarded Intercity express from Nizamudin to Indore. The train has lots of station to cover, starting from Mathura the train was supposed to stop after every 30-40 mnts. Its long time since we had travelled in a train other than Rajdhani and we were surprised to see the cleanliness in the train. Neat interiors and clean compartment, toilets are clean with liquid soap dispensers and soap inside (have never seen this in rajdhani too) Boarded and slept 😀 yeah, just like any Indian does after boarding. In the midnight the train reached Mathura and from there a family came in. There were 2 kids and that was the first wake up call. By the time they slept, I had lost my sleep. After that I was sleeping and waking up in sync with the train stopping. Early morning I saw it is raining outside and that was a scene which made me happy.ggg

We were cruising through the lush greenery on both sides of the train. Beautiful view especially when it is raining and you are sitting inside train 🙂 On long journeys such eye candies do make lot of difference. It is 30 minutes pass 8 and I haven’t seen a Chai wallah yet (Tea vendor). Voila! I was able to hear the Chai wallah! Happiness, we ordered tea and breakfast. Breakfast was Bread butter & Veg-Cutlet. The food quality had improved, infact we found this better than the food served in Rajdhani. We finished breakfast and the train reached NagdaJn. I saw people rushing outside, Laks told me there are lots of food outside, let us checkout(.

I went to a platform vendor in Nagda jn and I can see people in line waiting for Poha, tea etc. I bought some Poha, Pakoda and tea. Laks was like, why did we order the breakfast inside man? This is yummy, infact one of the best Poha we had. Pakoda’s, humans best friend when it rains 😀 We are in the right track, Indore is famous for the awesome food you get. Poha, jalebi, kachori and more…The purpose of this trip is to explore the yummy food options in Indore. Another post is on its way about the food.

Journey to Indore
Journey without a selfie? 😛

Onam is a festival we celebrate with family and you get that feeling of celebrations only then. Since going to Kerala was not an option, out best option was to go to my sister and jeeju since they are also alone there. The train reached Ujjain and we are just 2hours away from destination. Those 2hours were the longest in my life because the train hardly moved. It took as almost 4hrs to reach Indore from Ujjain It was like Indian Railways wanted us to see the scenic beauty & greenery enroute Indore :|. When you are on a overnight journey, you expect to be home on time, use the toilets, take bath and freshen up (I do not use train toilets), but here the railways were not concerned about the passengers of a long distance train.

 To make it worse, when I reached and spoke to my jiju about this, he was like Ujjain is just 45mnts from here by Road. I was like what the…This is the fastest train to Indore where as others take 15-16hrs. Next time, I will be choosing Flight over train 😐  or I will say I am forced to because railways are not concerned about the passengers. There are certain improvements in railway’s functioning like train bogies are neat, Cleaning is happening multiple times, toilets are better (our people also have to change a bit on this side) and food quality is better. Whatever we loved about the journey, we started hating that when they stopped the train multiple times for other trains to pass ate up our precious 3-4hrs. 

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12 thoughts on “Journey to Indore – Intercity Express’s Dilemma

  1. I’m also planning to visit Indore in coming month. Let’s hope everything goes according to my plan. 😉 I hope my train won’t take extra time to reach there.
    Savita recently posted…InviyaMy Profile

  2. I have lived in Indore for 4 years and yes those people make the BEST POHA hands down !

    Also, there is something with signals from the Indore station, they keep stopping the trains in between, its just terrible. This one time it too my train 5 hours to go from Ujjain to Dewas ! :/
    Ritika recently posted…Your account has been hackedMy Profile

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