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A girl is incomplete without jewelry. We girls are so attached and obsessed with jewelry and accessories from our childhood itself. It all starts with an ear piercing and then on we are so much connected with jewelry. Everyone has got favoritism towards jewelry, like some are obsessed with bangles some spent money on earrings some love wearing heavy neck-pieces etc. I would say a good jewelry can even enhance the beauty of an average looking dress.

  • We don’t have any limit of where to wear jewelry; each and every body parts can be accessorized. The best part of all the adornment is that nothing gets outdated; maybe the fashion changes but the base of accessorizing ourselves never changes.
  • Starting from the head we have maang tikka, headgear, exquisite hair pins to funky ones.
  • Earlier days nose and ear piercing was commonly done as a part of our tradition. But now it has transformed to multiple piercing from tip of the earlobe to belly button and what not. Now there isn’t ant body part left out where people don’t pierce. It’s kind of style statement now.
  • A beautiful necklace set is an inevitable part of every woman’s jewel box. Necklaces have been an integral part of jewellery since the time of ancient civilizations. It differs from size, length, what it is made of etc .May it be traditional or modern kind; neck pieces has its own charm which can enhance one’s beauty.tks171-1024x708
  • A traditional look is never complete without a set of colorful bangles. From simple round bangles to numerous new styles of bangles has revolutionized the idea of bangles. It can be made out of precious or non-precious material. If bangles are adored in south Asian countries, westerners prefer to use bracelets to bangles. Both stand their own purpose to enhance the beauty of your hand.
  • Be proud to have introduced Waist chain /belly chain to the outside world. It is considered that belly chain originated from India. If you have sexy abs you can flaunt it with a beautiful waist chain/belly chain.
  • Anklets, toe rings may be a fashion statement for some, but it has its own traditional values and customs in India.jewelry71

Wearing jewelry is not limited to women, nowadays most of the men are using masculine kind of jewelry. Unlike earlier days now we don’t have to go out and search each and every shop to get your favorite piece of jewellery. There are plenty of options online where we can get spoiled 😛 . Online jewelry shopping helps to save loads of the time and money. So girls, always stay beautiful with a pleasant smile and a sprinkle of jewelry.

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