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A bit late, but never too late. Atlast I got a chance to watch the Nolan magic “Interstellar”. We have heard about many things like wormhole, Schrodinger’s cat, time travel, 5 dimensional space, Singularity and many more. But we heard these over a period of time. Interstellar takes you through all these concepts. Not many of us used to like these things considering we had to study these for exams. But after watching this movie, you definitely will read about these. A simple movie which starts with the story of a family and ends in a spectacular way.

Matthew McConaughey proved once again what a versatile actor he is along with the beautiful Anne Hathway & Jessica Chastain. There is a twist and a surprise element too in this movie which is totally unanticipated one. The background score by Hans Zimmer is just the perfect one for this movie. If gravity showed us space, then Interstellar shows us the universe and more. There are many scenes where I was sitting and shaking as if I am travelling in a space ship.



A perfect script, a bit dramatic towards the end though with a good message and lots to think about. This movie makes us think about the world we live and things which happen around us which we ignore. Interstallar shows the love of a father and his kids. This is not the regular movie where you see space, fancy stuff and action, but this movie shows emotion, action, comedy, innovation and many more. I liked TARS & CASIE too. It is good to see robots in a simple design which is unusual in movies. Anne Hathway and Jessica chastain did an awesome job.

If you are looking for a good movie, entertainment you should go watch Interstellar. If you have kids of above 10 years of age, I think this is a must watch. This movie will make them think and decide what they wanna do. Interstellar is another spectacular movie by the Nolan brothers. I won’t say this is the best Nolan movie, but another good Nolan movie.

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