Instantore: An online store for all your Instant Needs!

If you guys have read our previous posts you would know that we love and support online shopping a lot. It’s not that we don’t prefer street shopping or shopping from store, but online shopping have many advantages of it’s own. First and foremost, it is the amount of discount they offer. We sometimes check the quality of the product at the store and later come home and shop online. There are a number of online shopping sites for apparels, electronic equipment, furniture and so on. But we have not seen any online store for your instant needs, like snacks, ready meals, beverages, confectionery and other staples. In today’s world where we prefer everything quick and instant, fits perfectly.

Let me tell you guys more about Instantore. First and foremost is the ease of using the website. Unlike most of the online grocery stores, at Instantore, products are categorized in the best possible way leaving you sorted out while shopping. It’s pretty simple here, you just need to choose the category and all the products under that particular category is displayed below.

I came to know about Instantore while searching for a traditional pasta sauce option. I found out this American Garden mushroom Pasta Sauce on Instantore, and the good news is there is a buy one get one free offer that is going on for just 225 INR.


I thought I’ll check the other products available too. To my surprise, I found a wide variety of products which I really wanted to try like the taco shells, American dressing, a variants of BBQ sauce, variants of pretzels and many more. I’m sure most of us have been struggling finding these item in a grocery store. The best part is that almost all of the items are at a discounted price.What I have found out is the major discounts are because of the tie-ups with the manufacturers and they also have clearance sale.


I would say Instantore is the best shopping option for you if you are looking for  premium food brands with varieties. For example, they have variety of tortilla chips and not the usual potato chips of known brands, a variety of beverages which including soft drinks, green tea and many more. Here you would not find the usual brands of jam or spread with the same old flavours, but with new and variety of flavours. I wanted to order almost all the products displayed: D

I have already ordered a couple of products along with American Garden mushroom Pasta Sauce and I’m totally in love with the website. I would highly recommend Instantore to you guys. Oh! And this site is perfect store online for all baking fans 😀 they havebaking section which is wow!!!

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