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I am not a big fan of Indian soaps, so I never bothered to watch any. Still I used to get glimpses of it when surfing channels. Few weeks back my grandmother came to stay with me. Her favorite pass time is daily soaps and I happened to watch few serials with her. I have to admit you can never see such colors anywhere else. It’s filled with love, emotions, agony, bonding, back stabbing, revenge, weirdness, crap & what not..

There are certain things which cannot be changed in a serial no matter what. Just like

  • The mother in law is always the villain, if not it ought to be the daughter in law πŸ˜€
  • Sons, Husbands needn’t bother about any dialogue. Throughout the serial they just have to give that bewildered expression.
  • Sons, Husbands position is always on the back of their mother or wife. You shouldn’t dare to step forward.
  • Even if you are staying in slum you should wear makeup and fashion accessories.
  • Heroes are always stereotyped with 6 packs abs, angular face, same hair style, and you shouldn’t be surprised if they all say the same dialogue in different serial πŸ˜›
  • If u have a crooked teeth, flat nose, pimples or acne u cant even play servants role .. πŸ˜€
  • The person acting as father shouldn’t complete his graduation, but to convince the viewers should have prominent strand of gray hair.
  • The broader the kajal around your eyes the meaner u look.
  • Every morning when I wake up I look like a psycho patient who just had a shock treatment, but here you will find the makeup, hair and outfit intact πŸ˜€

    Indian Soap..ufff
    Indian Soap..ufff
  • Green peas is their favorite veggie, that’s the only household chore they do – peeling it.. πŸ˜€
  • All the heroines are so sanskari that even Aloknath worships them πŸ˜›
  • Just took a bath, had a rain dance, played holi, whatever the situation maybe your makeup should be intact.
  • For all those spinsters, never expect all men are like the hero of the serial, you are wasting your time.
  • If you didn’t understand the situation don’t worry she will talk to herself just to let you know her intention. πŸ˜€
  • Don’t know why they always portray neighbors as the annoying ones.. πŸ˜›
  • Whenever there’s a cosmetic surgery plot or death incident in a serial it means either the artist left for a better role or he/she asked for a hike.
  • In-law fights, love triangle or revenge this is the main plot of most serials.
  • Only thing that has changed is the mindset of viewers towards religious serials. At the onset of religious serials viewers watched them with pure respect and devotion, whereas now s days the gods & goddess are described as β€œWOW he/she is so hot and sexy.”
  • Baa’s & Dadaji’sΒ mostly will stay old for many yearsΒ (depends how long the soap is gonna be telecast)Β .
  • 10months Pregnancy becomes years of pregnancy at times. Elasticity at its best πŸ˜€

Gone are those days when they try to entertain us. We can’t complain. As long as there are viewers to watch whatever they throw at us, all these sagas will continue. Just one question what do we learn form it??

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38 thoughts on “Indian Soaps..ufff

  1. hahhaa.. I just can’t stop laughing.. To add few others.
    Bigger the BINDI meaner is the role.
    All Bahu needs to wear saree, even at night.
    They woke-up perfectly dressed up, not even smudged kajal, lipstick and neatly done hair.
    No matter how rich family is Bahu is the one who does all Cooking and cleaning
    Wall are thinner than paper and everyone could hear private talks, infact could read other minds perfectly.
    They wear all jewellery that they have, all the time. Even if they go to buy subzi. There are no thief and thugs.
    uffffffffffffffffffff… tooo muchhhhhh to digest.

  2. LOL…thats the way they are suppose to be and havent changed in last 6-8 yrs! All thanks to Ekta Kapoor who actually started the broad kajal and big Bindi & larger than life serials! But sadly they all run on same script! hehehhehe…

  3. The broader the kajal around your eyes the meaner u look. Seriously you are hilarious. You are truly bugged with the tv series for sure. This post is ahhMAZING couldn’t top laughing.

  4. I don’t see any daily soap thankfully but go insane when few of my friends discuss about the latest happenings in the favorite serials!! i prefer watching reality shows or music channels of tv!
    nice post Jini!:-))

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