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A foodie will always be in the hunt for the best place to eat. Be it in anywhere in the universe, he does the same 😀 . This is not a story, but a real life experience. During my last Tokyo visit I saw how difficult  it is to find a place where a pure vegetarian can eat. The easy solution was to find out Indian restaurants near by. I did a bit of research and found some good Indian restaurants in Tokyo . I am sure there might be some more, but most of these are like restaurant chains here. They serve good food too, so you can go there for having some yummy Indian food .

Nirvanam – Hibiya

This is a place which serves good Lunch Buffet. The cuisine is South Indian, to be more specific Kerala dishes Yay!! I’m a happy soul in Japan now 😛 . The food quality is good and since it is a buffet you can hog unlimited!!  When you are done with the lunch and about to leave, they give you a Masala tea pack. A nice Indian masala tea. This is in one of the exits of Toranomon station.

If you are going for Lunch sets, the rate per plate starts from 1500JPY

Chiyoda Line/Marunochi Line/Hibiya Line (Kasumigaseki Station) – 2 minutes walk from A12 exit: Take A12 exit and walk straight towards Toranomon crossing. You can see Family mart. Nirvanam is on B1 Floor, just below Family mart.

Ginza Line(Toranomon Station) –: Take Exit No.7. Take right turn and walk on the right side of the road till you reach Family mart. We are on B1F of the same building as Family mart.


Mantra – This is located in basement (food court) of Ginza-5 Mall. This place is 5mnts walk from Ginza station and 15mnts walk from Shimbashi station. This is a good restaurant which serves quality Indian cuisine. They have lunch sets which are good, where you can select the curry you want along with Indian bread & dessert. There are different types of lunch sets & rates varies. They are chain restaurant and this one is close to where I work and hence I goes there.

Average Cost for 2 people – 2500 JPY (Ala Carte Cost)
When you go here, take the Free drinks coupon so that next time you get a drink free 🙂


Annam – Ginza. This is opposite to Uniqlo showroom also in the same road where you have Zara, Prada etc. This is a small hotel and you won’t see it until you are near it. You have to look out for the ASICS store opposite to Uniqlo and on the 4th Floor of the building next to Asics you will see this Indian restaurant. They serve decent Indian food.

Average Cost for 2 – 3000JPY
Thali Sets – 2500jpy onwards


Ahilya – Aoyama Passage.
This is one place where I see South Indian food served along with the North Indian cuisine. This is a beautiful place with good ambiance. The food they cook is authentic Indian cuisine and a good place where you can relax. They also serve bhajis, pakora’s etc. If you want to eat Dosa, go to Ahilya.
You have to get down at Gaienmae Station, take the 1A exit. Once you are outside the station walk straight following the road. You will see a subway, a supermarket and on the left hand side you will see Passage Aoyama. Go in there and you can see Ahilya on the last.

I live nearby and hence I goes here often.  They server North Indian, South Indian and Goan cuisines. Pricing is similar. A meal for two will cost 2500 – 3000 JPY.

Nataraj – Ginza, Aoyama, Ogikubo, Tateshina – This is the only pure -veg restaurant I have seen in and around Tokyo. Rest all places serve veg  & non-veg. The ultimate place for vegetarians. pricing is similar to other Indian restaurants.  If you want spicy or super spicy food, you need to pay extra 🙂 They have a Onion less items also in their special menu.

Pricing part, a Thali costs 2300 – 2700 per person.

Website –

Rajmahal – Ginza -This is the Indian restaurant which I went during my first visit to Tokyo. They serve good food and the ambience is awesome. In the evening the view from the restaurant is good. This restaurant is located on the 4th Floor of Taiyo building, Ginza.

Pricing is similar – An average set will cost you 1000 yen onwards.

Website —

These are not the only ones, there are plenty of Indian restaurants near by which I am yet to check out. Some of the major ones are:

Mumbai – This is a good place in Ginza and that too the perfect location where you can eat after shopping 😀 This is right next to Mitsukoshi Department store near Ginza station. This is another restaurant chain. I need to check out this place for sure, I Love Mumbai 😀

Maharaja Ginza – This is another place in Ginza which needs to be checked out. This is located in Nakamura Association Building, Chuo-ku next to 2 min from Ginza station on Gonza Line (A2 exit)


Dhaba Restaurant –  This is the place everybody told me to go to check out South Indian food, especially Dosa, Idli sorts. They serve South Indian Non-vegetarian & Vegetarian food too. This is situated at 1st Floor of Sagami building, Yaesu Chuo-ku Tokyo.

Indian Restaurants in Tokyo
Some Items in Dhaba Menu


Nair’s Restaurant – This is supposed to be first Indian restaurant in Tokyo, this is what they say in their website. They serve some south indian and other delicacies.

They are known for the Murugi Lunch and it costs just 1500 JPY. This hotel is located in Ginza and is close to Higashi Ginza station.


Spice Kitchen Restaurant –  This is another restaurant situated in the business district Hibiya. I haven’t been there yet, but they also serve Lunch under 1000 Jpy.


Different ways to reach here –

Uchisaiwaichō Station A6 exit directly
Hibiya Station A14 exit 5-minute walk
Kasumigaseki Station 5-minute walk
Toranomon Station 3-minute walk
Shinbashi Station Hibiya opening 5 minutes walk

This is not a complete list, but a list I made based on two months research. The purpose is simple, anyone who is going to look out for Indian cuisine in Tokyo should be able to find atleast one of these restaurants.

Important:  These restaurants wont be open through out. Most of these close around 10pm and many others may go till 12am. Please plan and eat. 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Indian Restaurants in Tokyo

  1. I was in Tokyo back in April and I’m trying to remember where I ate… I’m pretty sure I had pizza at least twice. Traditional Japanese cuisine is not my thing. Apparently I could have looked for an Indian restaurant too, but I didn’t think I’d find any.

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