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In wrong pair of shoes, Ouch!! It hurts!!

I have been hearing this for so long from elder ones, married ones and even single ones! that marriage is all about adjustments. I could never understand what they really meant, even now after being married for a couple of years. I still remember my grandma saying “stay starved but feed your husband.” It kinda made me feel really bad, What!!! I am gonna go to a jail?? Or I am gonna be a slave?? I have always respected the way the old people took their marriage. Women being so polite and down to earth like my grandma who claims that she saw grandpa’s face after quite a long time like after she had her third baby  !! Yeah she said it!! I am not sure whether she was hyping it or it was true. But I believe it can also be possible as the kind of living was so different back then.

I am married for over a few years and I don’t say that it was a tideless sea. Little problems and arguments are supposed to occur at times out of nowhere and I believe, that made this journey worthwhile so far. It’s the waves with that rhythmic lull beautifies the frame of a sea so are the little issues in marriage. I love it- especially the after-effects, the special concern, the lets-patch-up long cuddles and of course the dinner out LOL!!

When your mood is wrong you become stubborn easily and tend to say NO to simply everything, most of the time you miss some beautiful stuffs that way. I bet you. When you open your possession box of junks of faults you proudly think you won finding it, you are literally putrefying a small infection that was easily curable If you would have thrown it in the trash right then like a used napkin instead of safe keeping it in some corners of your heart, nurturing it only to let it mold the walls of your heart dark and timid. Don’t do that! It’s gonna hurt not only your partner, but eventually you! Let the moths of your past flutter behind you, don’t give it a damn! They are dark and ugly!

Dream; bring your imaginations to life share it with your love; enjoy the perks of being young and spread joy! Do not even dare to use the word “adjustment”! Why do you want to adjust? Or try to fit in a smaller pair of shoes and let it bite your toes?? Ask for the right one and stay cool. All you need to do is to understand, be honest and Loveeeeee limitlessly. This had changed an ugly frog to a handsome prince looong back; we all know that and we were so excited about it, what more proof you want of miracles of Love than this??? So listen to me! Do not hurt yourself trying to fit in wrong pair of wrong shoes. Be yourself but try to be Nice! Cheers..!!




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26 thoughts on “In wrong pair of shoes

  1. You are absolutely right regarding that No thing.. I have experienced it myself for so many times..I know things are good but still coz’ of the bad mood my mind does not accept that by my heart knows whatever I am doing or saying is wrong as everything is at where it has to be.. Am I making sense ? 😛

  2. This was such an inspiring post, I so loved reading it but still can’t believe that your grandmom didn’t see your grandpa’s face till her third baby 😮 truly an inspiring post, don’t try to fit in a smaller pair of shoes instead live life the way you want and be yourself 😀

  3. Excellents post. Something we are probably all guilty of at some stage, but as we get to know ourselves and grow in confidence we should always wear the right shoes 🙂

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