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In our life we have a lot of people around us starting from parents, siblings, grandparents, spouse, in laws, friends etc. Every relationship has got a special meaning and importance. Some of us are close to parents, some with friends and some with cousin’s etc.But two person plays the most important role in our life-Β  MOTHER & HUSBAND.Yeah! am pretty sure that all of you would agree with mother but why husband, will come to it later. πŸ˜›

The only pure and indefinable love we can get is from our mom. You will never understand its value until you become a mom. Waking up all night to look after you, giving her favorite food to you just to see your smile, even though she scolds us later she comes and hugs as if nothing changed, no matter how sick she is, she will be there for us any time. She taught us to be brave even at strange situations and to be humble when it comes to family arguments. All those values she taught us to make us a better person etc etc.. We can go on praising of her deeds and a whole book won’t be sufficient. No one can love us like our mom.

The most important persons in Our Life - Questionable answer this is
The most important persons in Our Life – Questionable answer this is

Β  We argue, we fight, we have difference of opinion, we mock, we love, we hurt that’s the rule of marriage πŸ˜€ . Have you ever thought that he/she is the only person whom we are gonna share our entire life with. Rest all is just our co passenger in our journey of life. Parents till our marriage and our children till they get married. Mathematically we just spend about 25-30 years with our parents and with children 15-20. But with husband its like from around 25 till death. We never look for a perfect mother and father, but every time we does so with spouse. And its too bad. We never try to change our parents but we do so with our spouse. Its just the upbringing that makes them different. Just accept the way they are, have mutual understanding. Also learn to forgive and forget all your fight and faults. Try to understand their support and the guidance they give us. Its with this person you are living your whole life with, Make it memorable.

We respect and love you more than we love ourselves. There is nothing that we can give you other than the respect and love. We will be there with you forever. Love!!!

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45 thoughts on “The most important persons in Our Life – Questionable answer this is

  1. aww..all of this is true. I feel that if you’re truly happy with someone then you’ll accept them the way they are and love them for that and you won’t try to change them <3

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