I am in love with this place – Insert your City here :D

Marriage brings changes in everyone’s life. My life too changed quite a lot. I used to work in Bangalore, the IT hub of India. Staying away from home had its own pros and cons. Forget about the cons, the pros were many πŸ˜€ . More over I had the privilege to visit mom every month as my home town was just over night journey from here. Bangalore, I am in love with this place.
I was in love with this place - Bangalore
I was in love with this place – Bangalore
Β My weekdays used to be hectic like any other working class. The weekends were just for me. I used to spend my weekends lazily sleeping the whole day (I can sleep for a whole day and I miss it so badly πŸ™ Β ) or shopping in commercial street , brigade road , MG road and some of my favorite malls (I used to love shopping alone πŸ˜€ ) . The cat fights, girls talk, the celebrations, the gossips is what I miss the most. The only feeling during Sunday evenings used to be the guilt of over eating and over spending 😐 .
It’s been two years since I left my favorite city and started my new life in the capital city. It was a huge change for me in every aspect; the weather, the food, the people altogether a totally different experience. As soon as I Β landed to this city the first thing I told him was ‘Let us shift to south’ πŸ˜› .
Even though I love to go Β for shopping alone I never got the guts to go out alone in the Capital city. The shocking incidents happened in Delhi during the time we shifted and Β I never found this place safe for girls. I’m not saying other cities are perfect, but at least a bit safer than Delhi. Now you can say that is my perception, but that put a bad impression about Delhi in my mind. Human mind you know.
I am in love with this place – Delhi, you got your own charm
The first few months of my stay here was quite hectic. It took a while for me to adjust and kick start my life here. In a year or so I felt like exploring Delhi and other places in north. I started enjoying the street shopping, food, and the loud life here, thanks to my hubby who never said no to anything which I wanted to do here. We love the food joints in Delhi and we keep exploring them, (hope you guys are reading our restaurant reviews πŸ˜€ and street shopping experiences) . What we have decided is we won’t leave this place until we explore the whole of North India. Our list is quite huge πŸ˜‰ .
At this moment what I tell him is ” Let’s settle down in Delhi” πŸ˜›
Every place has its own advantages and disadvantages, but what matters most is the impression in our mind. If we have good impression about a place then that is the best place else the worst. But time, people around and good things can change the impression and make a totally different feeling, like what i feel about Delhi now a days… πŸ˜€ I love this place.
So guys, Β tell us the cityΒ you love most πŸ™‚
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58 thoughts on “I am in love with this place – Insert your City here :D

  1. I haven’t traveled around too much, I know I want to go to Portugal first… it is the main country I want to see .. then Spain and Italy… so many more..

    Change is never easy but it is almost always worth it.. πŸ™‚
    Launna recently posted…Joy Will Burn Out The PainMy Profile

  2. my city..ahmedabad..i love it to the core…i also live a life right now which you used to live in bangalore….alone and working..many pros…..this city is a magical place..might be a dry city and with no night life..but it is so safe..u can roam at 12 in the night with nobody letching at you or meeting a drunkard on the road….!

    1. You said it Mily. the freedom I had in Bangalore is what you said in your comments. Hope you are having a great time πŸ˜€

  3. I know what you mean, even I have same thoughts, intially I never liked delhi, I missed home and wanted to be there, but today after all most 5 years I love this place!!! Can’t think of some other place!!

    1. I have been to Mumbai just 1s. dint get enough time to roam around as we went to attend marriage function

  4. I’ve visited Delhi only thrice so far- only for 2 days each- and sorry to say I didn’t like it much, for various reasons πŸ™ But my husband (a BengalI) who was in Delhi for 10 years absolutely loves it, so do many of my friends settled there. I’m a true blue Kolkatan ( though I’m not Bengali!)- I love the laidback and warm cultural atmosphere of my city, and the sweets, fish and streetfood in Kolkata are to die for! πŸ˜€
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    1. You need to stay here for a long time to start liking Delhi i think :D. Kolkata is in my list. I love your city in pics. πŸ™‚

  5. Trust me, its equally unsafe to walk the street over here; even day time. Crime rate is massive and we really have to be careful. That said, we know how to safe guard ourselves; least money and probably without handbag. I’ve planned on travelling to Delhi many a times but seems like its still in the stage of planning. Love to come over and see all those interesting places.
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