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If you guys have been following us on Instagram, you might have seen our posts and stories in different states and cities during the New Year. We just successfully executed a 5000 km long road-trip in 14 days starting from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, via Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra, and back with Mr. Brucilious Woofles Wayne. This was how we started off 2020 and we couldn’t have been more proud of ourselves. This is by far our longest trip on road and all our previous road-trips were not longer than 4 days covering not more than 1400 km. So, this needed quite a bit of preparation and planning as there were multiple elements involved unlike the usual flight tickets and hotel bookings.

A huge shout-out to our humble Hyundai Grand i10 rightfully known as “Little Mammoth” / “Bruce Mobile” (as this is Bruce’s official vehicle) for successfully pulling this off. Prerequisites for a trip like this start with getting the vehicle checked and serviced to ensure the basic maintenance like oil change, lights check, wheel alignment check, wheel balancing, air pressure, etc., are done to ensure everything is perfect and there are no hiccups on the way. This car is 5 years old and is in immaculate condition with a new set of Yokohama Earth Wheels which has covered almost 2500 km before this trip.

Seating: Since this is a hatchback, we converted the backseat of my car to a bed with a DIY setup. We added a small bed, cushions and obviously toys for Bruce to sit, play, and sleep, while we have enough and more space in the front seats. Through out the trip Bruce was happy and enjoyed the backseat. His favorite seat is the driver’s followed by riding shotgun. 😀

Since this was going to be a long drive we had to ensure we had access to all the necessities like water bottles, snacks, sun-glasses, and charging cables. Before starting the journey, we had decided to do our bit and reduce the plastic usage and hence, we always refilled our water bottles and never bought any. Always ensure you have enough water stocked with you. Also, keep a check on the things which need to be stored in the glove compartment to be cooled to avoid spoilage.

The most important part of a long road trip is to pack smart, and we didn’t want to end up opening all the bags to find that one thing and repack everything all over again at all the pit stops as we were staying at multiple hotels/cities. We had segregated our stuff into 3-4 bags based on the weather of each city and the number of days stay at a place. Out of all the bags, the most important was Bruce’s tote bag :P. We carried Poha and ready-to-eat dog food which we could easily mix anywhere on the road. This helped us throughout the trip and kept him happy 🙂

A long road-trip like this demands a clear cut idea about routes and stays. Since Bruce was with us, we had to make sure all stay options are pet-friendly, and therefore, we used an app called “Scoutmytrip” which has all the necessary travel options. They have this wonderful road trip planner which has helped us to plan road trips the best possible way by providing details like halts, stay options, tolls, fuel stations, restaurants and more. This helped us to get the best routes without any issues and surprises throughout the journey. Knowing the road, options available and major attractions on the route is always a plus point.

Last, but foremost, we made sure we had enough money in the Fast-Tag wallet to avoid any delays at the tolls. I have been using Fast tag for almost two years now and am a happy customer.

Now that we were ready with the pre-checks we had to identify a start time. Since, it was peak winter with low visibility, we didn’t start the journey super early as it was risky. Fog lamps and bright light are the right way to go about it, but ultimately it is all about patience and attentive driving. We started at 6 AM considering the fog.

These are the prep work which helped us complete the most memorable road trip till date and witness some breathtaking scenes along the way. Our highways are smooth to drive and the scenic backdrop you get to see in all these routes made it worth driving all the distance.

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2 thoughts on “How we pulled off a 14 days long road-trip with a Doggo covering 5000 kms!

  1. Been following you guys on instagram & as lovely being a part of your journey… here’s to more adventures..
    Ps- Bruce is super cute..

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