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Acne is a major problem most people face, both from a psychological perspective and a physiological perspective. We must first learn what acne is and what the factors that cause it are. Most people look forward to their adult years in order to get rid of it, but the sad reality is that the problem might persist into adulthood. The problem is more common than one would think. There are millions upon millions of cases reported each year, and some people well into their middle age also suffer from the same problems that are associated with one’s teenage years.

In order to get to the prevention of this, we must first understand the major causes of acne. There a number of factors that could cause your skin to go rogue on you, such as your hair follicles or blackheads blocking your oil pores, which would, in turn, make the oil pores fill up with excess oil as mentioned in this article. The outburst might also be associated with your stress levels or your diet. Another cause might be the accumulation of dead cells over your skin causing the oil pores to shut off and the oils to accumulate. Exfoliating too much, however, could also be causing your skin to be irritated, in turn causing acne to accumulate. The right amount of exfoliation could also be used to achieve the same effect. Exfoliation gets rid of the thin layer of dead cells on top of your live skin cells. This makes it easy for the oil pores to produce nutrients, keeping the skin fresh. This also keeps the oil pores open so that the oil does not accumulate inside. This can be done with a scrub or simply with warm water as warm water loosens the skin and makes the outer layer easier to clean.

The first thing that is recommended is to consult a professional dermatologist in order to have a complete perspective of your situation or read informative articles from Facing Acne. Over the counter treatments should be your first choice as there is nothing more efficient than medicine specifically designed for your type of skin.

If the acne is mild and non-genetic, it will most likely be cured by over the counter medicine recommended for your skin type. However, there are a multitude of other tools that a dermatologist might use to help you curb the breakouts. Isolaz is a procedure that dermatologists use that uses suction to deep-clean the pores. It also uses light pulse to kill off all the bacteria that cause acne. This treatment is recommended once per week for several weeks in order to completely get rid of the bacteria.

Setting up a proper skincare routine might also be a good idea as acne is mostly present in neglected skin and people who do not put any effort into keeping their skin healthy and fresh are often the ones suffering from major skincare issues. Adding a few important things to your daily routine to prevent acne is all it takes for long-term benefits. Adding a certain type of scrub or taking a few minutes to exfoliate may be just what your face needs.

Sometimes acne is caused by hormones. When teenagers get acne, it is mostly due to their hormones, but the same can happen to most adults. As one grows, the skin’s ability to repair itself slows down. As teenagers, our bodies adapt to the changes in our skin after an acne outburst by simply regaining their previous form, however, adults cannot do that as well as before. This means that the acne is now more likely to leave scars and needs a greater amount of attention in order to stay healthy.

The general gist of it is, a healthy lifestyle leads to healthy skin which is a surefire way to get your skin to be your best friend. The best way to get rid of acne once it does pop up is still going to a dermatologist. However, if nothing else works, some of the tips mentioned above might.

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