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Ties are the best accessory that happened to men. But being men, it is still a dilemma to get hands on the best ties, especially plain ties that go well with the shirt. Below is the style guide on how to match your shirts with plain color ties.

The best yet the most low risk combo is to match a designer shirt with a solid colored tie. It is absolutely fail safe when you wear a striped shirt with a solid tie. But as women are blessed to see more colors and men are not, it is usually witnessed that men fail at color combinations.

Therefore, below are stated a few quick thumb rules that can help you match your shirt with plain color ties;

Solids on Solids:

This is a death proof combo for any event on your mind. Be it a corporate brunch or an evening endeavor, solids on solids always comes to your rescue. Try a deadly combo of dark lusty shades like deep purple or black with a similar or a contrasting darker shade like Red and Voila! You are an American Idiot aka Billy Joe Armstrong.

Pattern on Solids:

Yet another death proof combo is patterns on solid. So if you are a designer freak or just another creative visualizer on loose, you like your patterns to be unique but don’t want to miss out on the spark of the serial corporate killer, then, this pattern of combining a solid tie on pattern is just the key to that outstanding avatar. Try contrasting design combinations. For example, stripes go well with checks, so if you have a striped shirt pin it with a checkered tie or vice versa. If you are a fan of Indian art like embroidery or ‘Mehendi’ designs try clubbing it will solid tie or a lesser complex design. To add quirkiness to your personality, cartoon or super-hero ties are quire in. You can combine it with a plain white or a black shirt to kill the look.

How to match your shirt with Plain Color Ties
How to match your shirt with Plain Color Ties



Color contrast:

Know how to distinguish your blacks from deep greys. In an ideal fashion scenario, a darker shade of a solid tie will go best with a lighter shade of your shirt. Even if you are a chocolate boy and can carry pinks flawlessly, try a darker shade of your shirt color, maybe dark pink or even default black that will take your look to newer heights.

Combining the suit:

So you suffer from ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ and can’t control your serial superhero sitcom lover under the suit. Why not unleash it on the world with the power to dress like no one else. A three piece suit, will not take people’s eyes off your quirky ‘iron Man’ tie at a corporate gathering. With this look, let people know that you got what others don’t, a sense of humor.

So, get ready to kick some ‘tushi’ with this deadly fashion combination. Know how to carry & where to get plain color ties and the rest will automatically follow.

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