How to Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares

The modern men are no longer stepping back when it comes to sprucing up their outfits. Therefore, when it comes to choosing their bow ties and coordinating with pocket squares, every design rule in the book is referred to and followed.

Looking for mens bow ties In UK? Well, you could be spoilt for choices. There is of course, the option of either hunting for the perfect combination online or hitting the store to do the same. But most people prefer the online options nowadays for obvious reasons of convenience. But, the real crunch threatens when it comes to choosing.

As it goes for every fashion accessory, when it comes to bow ties, it too is reliant on the inherent fashion sense of the wearer so that it can be beautifully coordinated with the pocket square. Both items are indispensable for the modern man for they make him look more dapper in his suit.

How to Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares
How to Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares

There can be two approaches to the task at hand. The safer bet is to go for designs that best coordinate with each other but if you want to add some funk to the ensemble, you could try experimenting with colour blocking methods. Coordination calls for keeping one of the variable common like colour and may be try changing motifs. Colour blocking on the other calls for the use of different colours.

How to Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares
How to Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares

There can be many possibilities to make the bow tie work amazingly with the pocket square. Some designers keep one of them sans motifs and play with colours. There are some who look to play with textures or the subtle embossing.

So, basically to sum it up, the following points should be kept in mind while matching bow ties with pocket squares-

  • The colour and texture of the ensemble matters, the overall look of the outfit should be the focus
  • Both bow ties and the pocket squares could be the star items provided you execute your sense of style while choosing them.
  • For the conservative, sticking to tried and tested matching techniques while deciding on them could be favourable but the daring could mix and match.
  • It is okay to follow fashion trends, it makes you look in sync with the times but one should not blindly follow it, use your instincts. If it works for you, then it just does!
  • Some of the times when you are not looking to invest your time to hunt for the perfect combination, it is best to rely on professional designers. For example, an online website like has some wonderful options to choose from for buying mens bow ties in UK.

    Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares
    Choose bow ties with matching pocket squares

All in all, the wearer must first ascertain whether he is looking to have fun wearing combos of the bow tie and the pocket square or he prefers the classier stuff. Using your inherent sense of style could add to your panache by choosing the best among the ones available.

One word of advice though while getting overboard with experimenting is that there could be a fine line between being โ€˜tastefully differentโ€™ and bizarre. And it is important to have the correct personality to go with the choices you make.

A bow tie and the pocket square is the perfect accessory to spike up a boring outfit. It not only adds design and colour but can easily be the most attractive quotient of the whole look. Therefore, needless to say, they should be chosen with utmost care as they could very well make or break your attire.

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