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Pollution, overpopulation, Unemployment, poverty, climate change, globalization we all are so much worried about this, that we are ignoring the most important problem that we are facing now – Fighting over religion. Religion should be a bigger concern than anything else right now because once when the disparity between religions fades away, united we can solve the rest of the worldly issues. And to be clear this blog is not to uplift any particular religion.

During our school and college days we are so innocent that religion, race, money or caste never came in between friends. We shared our Tiffin box, exchanged dress, slept at friends house, invited each other over their religious functions, which we gladly attended thinking all the food we could eat. I could still remember the time we spend at friend’s home for Ifthar party, like wise how we enjoyed decorating Christmas trees. Even though we have arguments with friends over any topic, religion was never ever in the list.

Eventually everything changed. I am shocked to see certain extremely religious posts that some of my acquaintance share on Facebook, either arguing on how oneโ€™s religion is the best or defaming other religion. I still wonder how people change once they are grown-up. To make things worst, this change will be followed by implying their belief on our next generation. Is this what you are going to teach your children? Planting seeds of hatred in their innocent mind at such a young stage? Let your religion be a private matter, you donโ€™t have to scream and shout to make others believe how religious you are.

how religious are you?
how religious are you?

Politics does play a role in blindfolding us; their aim is to create diversity and hatred among people to achieve their power. They feed on secularism, but itโ€™s a shame when literate people also fall for this. Do follow your religion but respect others too. I wish everyone stops portraying their religion as the supreme best. Teachings of every religion are not to hurt others and love all equally, but what the religious fanatics do is just the opposite.

The best thing you can do is start from home. Teach your children not to differentiate/humiliate others on the basis of religion. Set yourself a good example by doing so. Love your neighbors no matter what religion they are. Participate each other in religious festivals. Once you understand a person closely no religion can come in between you. Lets try to make a better world for our children.

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21 thoughts on “how religious are you?

  1. I for one don’t like this religious differences. I think it creates more problems than anything. I totally agree with you that we should treat everyone equally. But the truth is very few people do it.

  2. Every religion teaches us humanity and being kind .. however the misinterpreted versions that some people preach are just ridiculous.. I wish mindset of people changes..

  3. im sick and tired of religion wars
    this need to stop,ppl should first think of being human ….rest comes after that and doesnt make any sense anyways

  4. You are so true. Until and unless, we don’t elaborate our views related to religion, we are not going to progress. India is such a place, where all religions are now tightly connected and it is difficult to change the framework in any situation, so now is the time to understand and proceed with compassion for all.

  5. agree to what u say.. we should teach religious tolerance to kids at home. do not hesitate to tell them how some hypocrites are making a mess out of it and how bad is it for the society as the whole.

  6. Religion is the spiritual Idia which reflacted from the involving politics of the Human Society. Human as Society has the Leadership crises to be solve. When it fail to solve materially, Human Mind make the God as his found Leadership to be live happily. The Love and Labour is not only the need of Society, but also the need of Human mind. Living without Love and Labour is not the Living mood of Human. That is the Religion.

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