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Financial management is very important when it comes to people like us who travel a lot and eat out a lot. We always go for the best deal which may not be just the deal you see on the website, but additional benefits from the credit card we use. Just like the cash backs we see on the purchase of phones, there are good discounts available on credit cards too.

To explore new places we usually look for right deals. Travel deals pop-up every now and then starting from airfare sales, offer in hotels and even packages. Other than these, if you have the right credit/debit card that will also give you some great deals. If you are someone who looks for deals like me, do check options on your credit card website or the alerts you get from the company and you will see the credit card offers available including the offers on the cards you use. This is something which many of us miss normally.

For a smart user, he/she will be aware of the options they have to save some money even when expecting to have some fun. We always look for the options on the card we use. One common option we normally opt for is movie ticket. The card we use has the option to get a ticket free (or avail discount up to x amount) while booking a movie ticket. This is not easy to get as there are only limited tickets on the offer, so the key here is to book it for the less crowded hours or look for weekdays.

Another thing which we commonly use on our card for is shopping deals. Many times we get the offers about discounts at specific stores or even special discounts on the bill above the usual discount at the stores. Choosing the right credit card helps a lot on these things.

Dining delights, this is one thing which we opt often as we are hardcore foodies. When we say we have the Zomato discount or dine out, would it be bad if you get 10-15% discount on the overall food bill? That is an additional 15% and that is the little happiness which we get for choosing the right credit card. There are offers on online shopping, grocery shopping, car rentals and more. These aren’t the rewards, these are the discounts. Reward points are availed on the bases of your spends. Let me tell you this, I have booked an air ticket using my reward points on my credit card and I am not a big spender.

There is a special luxury on some credit cards especially for the travellers and it is called lounge access.  Yes, some credit cards give you a certain number of lounge access free every year. This comes really handy when you have a long waiting at the airport or long waiting during transit. This is one of the things I love about the card I use. Considering the frequency of my travel, sometimes I feel they should give us more options because you can use this once per quarter. Access to a premium lounge like the ITC lounge or Plaza Premium Lounge in the airport before or in between a long flight will help you relax and freshen up by using the massage chairs or relaxing sipping a couple of beers.

Spending economically by saving wherever you can without losing the fun element in life is possible with the right financial decisions like choosing the right credit card.

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