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When talking about the Fragrances and Lights, diffusers and light strings always mark their presence. Here the idea is, creating an alloy of both Aroma and Lights which can enhance the whole atmosphere for a perfect evening. Any fine day the lit and aromatic homes give a vibe that lingers and leaves a mark on everyone who visits.

One such alloy which strikes first is the Aromatic Candles!

To give an extra edge to your regular Home Decor and to beautify the overall environment. Jotted down is the list of few Candle ideas which you can opt for to make your evening more memorable.

As the time passes by, alluring candles have taken the place of the traditional ‘Diyas’ but the essence is same. The vintage choices of a candle with fragrances have again hit the markets and are now available in better designs and aromas. Nothing can beat the natural ways but now is the time when instant is the new cool. Thus presenting a range of candle ideas which you can use to lit your home with an admiring scent.

Glass Candles

The scented wax filled under the transparent glass designs come in distinct shapes and sizes as well are the Glass Candles. These are the beauties which can increase the charm of the evening if lit on a dining table or at the balcony.

Glass Candles


Pillar Candles

Candles which have a shape like a pillar and are solid too, they are called the ‘Pillar Candles’. The hued wax used while making them and the quirky details filled to it is a total charmer. Different fragrances combined to it will give you a soothing feeling while lit.

Pillar Candles

DIY Scented Candles

Talking about the homemade candles, the process for scented candles are real easy. Melt the wax and drop few petals of  Rose and Marigold flowers to it. Pour it into a disposable glass which you can tear later and let dry. Your Scented candle with aroma is ready in no time. You can make them with other flowers as well.

DIY Scented Candles

Tea Lights

The tiny little candles which almost every home has, are the round shaped Tea Lights. These candles can be shopped from any store near your house and even are coming in pleasant fragrances as well. If nothing else, the Candle Holders for tea lights are available in a number of designs and shapes. Artistic candle holder trays are also available which can just go right as a show piece in your decor. 

Artistic candle holder trays
Tea Lights

Floating Candles

The candles available in a number of shapes and designs are the floating ones. Even the hues they have are ravishingly charming. These do not come with fragrances but the looks of them are to die for.

Floating Candles

Choose any aroma you prefer and any colors you adore with the shape you like and your amazing way to lit the house is sorted. Visit Shopper Stop for many such candle ideas and get one to decorate your home for a great offer.

Image source: Pinterest & Shoppersstop

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