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I have lived in different parts of India over last 10 years. No, I am not in Army or a central govt employee, I am a Keralite who is forced to go out of Kerala as I wanted a good job. I left Kerala in 2002  and went to Pune for my higher studies. I have lived in almost all metro cities and have learnt about house hunting the hard way.

Read the story of hunting a house some years back and the ease by which how I found one recently.

It all started with the question
Are you a Bachelor?
The first question when a bachelor is in the look out for house. back in 2002, internet was a resource which was not easily available and if available there weren’t olx or quikr or magicbricks to search for a house. You had to use your contacts or depend on a real estate agent if you are searching for a place to live. If you are a stranger to that city, then your only option is a real estate agent. So I am a person who got cheated, helped, rejected and survived the house hunt as a bachelor. There were times where I had even thought about getting married to get a house on rent 😛

As I am Bachelor and no one is willing to give a house on rent. I am left with only one option, the Real Estate Agent.

Agent Smart Ass – Saab, aapko kitne ghar chahiyea? Main dilaa doonga, tension na lena. (Translation – How many houses do you want, I will get you. Don’t get tensed) This is the phrase every real estate agent uses when you tell about the hardships of finding a house, but the hidden clause is the 1 month rent to be given as brokerage to the agent.

Those Bachelors Living here is a Nuisance –
Once you get the house in an apartment society, then you have to live a bit carefully considering you are a bachelor. Any issues in the apartments & the first dialogue will be ‘woh bachelor log haina, unhone kiya hoga’ (Translated to – Those bachelors might have done it). Still there are good families who make you feel comfortable even when you are far away from home in a strange city by providing home cooked food and even inviting you for lunch etc on special occasions. 

The Married Ones – It is much easy to find a house on rent when you are living as a family. Still there is the agent and the commission you pay etc. Another big problem is house shifting, settling down & arrangements for kids (for those who have kids)

house hunting
house hunting

The Present – You can search a house sitting anywhere with the help of internet. No real estate agent or no house visits required, all you have to do is make use of websites like quikr homes, housing, olx, magic bricks or 99acres or many other sites using which you can search for a house and look at the pics to know more about it. There are sites which bring more realtime information about the area, nearby facilities and more pics of the house, apartments and all important information we look for while searching for a home.

Over all things have changed for me over years. Now finding a house on rent is much easier with the help of the above websites and also I’m no more a bachelor 😛

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2 thoughts on “House Hunting – The Real story

  1. Loved the way you narrated…felt like every bachelor’s story…finding house is tougher for guys as compare to girls…internet made the hunt easier 🙂

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