Honeymoon Destinations

We have been writing almost on every wedding related topic. Recently we realized that our favorite topic is missed out. It’s high time that we start writing about honeymoon destinations. When you think about marriage first and foremost thing which comes into our mind is Honeymoon, Even before fixing the wedding date we start planning about our Honeymoon and keep a good budget for the perfect Honeymoon.
         We thought of sharing few tips which would help to plan your perfect Honeymoon.
The most important thing based upon which you plan your Honeymoon is the budget. If you have huge pocket you can easily plan a Honeymoon abroad. Those with limited budget need not worry, we have awesome Honeymoon destinations in India, just that you need to keep a few things in mind like the climatic condition before fixing the destination.
Honeymoon Destination
Honeymoon Destination
Eg:- During Winters there is nothing to beat Shimla, kulu, manali  etc, but these places will be boring during summers
Best time to plan a Honeymoon in houseboats, back waters in Kerala is after rain.
Munnar, Waynad is one of the favorite honeymoon destination in recent times along with the back waters
Jaipur, Jodhpur the pink city and the blue city are at its best during winters.
Beach loving couple can plan to Goa, my favourite 😉
A bit adventurous couple can plan Leh Ladkah trip during season.
Our North eastern states are known for its beauty and wild life, you can thing about it too (for those who love wild life)
 The above mentioned are only a few, there are a lot of awesome Honeymoon destination in India, just that you need to wisely pick the perfect place at the perfect time.
Honeymoon Destination
Honeymoon Destination
When you Plan your Honeymoon abroad few things need to be kept in mind.
  • Have a through study about the climatic condition of the country which you are planing to visit
  • Check randomly with a number of tour packages and select the best and reasonable one.(Also check for the discounts available)
  • Have a proper check on the current political stability and security of the foreign country, as we see a lot of unforeseen issues coming up in many foreign countries.
  • If you are planning for a budget trip abroad, it’s better to pick an awesome Honeymoon destination in Asia, If you have a lavish budget plan a nice trip to your dream Honeymoon destination in any part of the world.
Where ever you plan your Honeymoon, one thing I bet you is it is gonna be the best trip ever in your life. It’s not about the place where you go but its you two who is gonna make it memorable for ever.
NOTE: We would be writing more on your favorite Honeymoon destination and honeymoon packages in our coming blogs. For any further info write to us at admin@theknotstory.com


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