Wish you a Happy Holi!

Happy holi

Team Knotstory wishes you a very colorful and a Happy Holi! We love Holi and the colors and We wish you all the colors and happiness in life 😀  In some regions of the country the First Holi of a newly married couple is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. They party and have a havan at home. So if any newly married couples reading this post special wishes to you guys and have a great married life ahead! There is already so much everyone knows about the festival that I though I might skip the gyaan darshan  this time. So have fun and be careful with the colors 😀

Happy holi

The world is colorful 😀

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  1. Savita

    What you say to the newly married couples who don’t have the culture to play first holi together. 🙁

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