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Uttarakhand is beautiful and the far deep you go into Uttarakhand towards Badrinath you see the mighty mountains and the big muscled hills everywhere. Reaching there ain’t easy as the only way to reach there is by road which means the ones winding through these mountains and that too not very good roads considering the bad patches. After a long and tiring journey, the first thing you look for is a good place to relax and when we booked Himalayan Abode, that was our single priority. Entertainment, wifi etc was least important since we were going to Auli for vacation.

The reading area: Himalayan Abode
The reading area: Himalayan Abode

Himalayan Abode, a small place where you have all facilities and the best view you can have,  surrounded by hills and the mighty Himalayas at a peep ahead, this is one of the best properties in Joshimath. Joshimath is 51kms on the way to Badrinath, 230kms from Rishikesh and the main town before Auli skiing resort. This small town is very important while doing the Chardham yatra. Anyone who plans to visit Badrinath can definitely take a halt here and stay. We booked this place during our visit to Auli. Himalayan Abode is at a distance of 5kms from Joshimath main town in the Joshimath – Badrinath road. A landmark close to this is the JP company (JP constructions have a major project and this company is related to that)  By the first view of this place you get the feeling of home away, unlike other commercialised hotels. The very welcoming staff took us inside and showed us the rooms, the ones with a beautiful view. Well, We booked for the regular rooms while the Himalayan abode folks had upgraded us to their premium rooms.

View of bed rooms: Himalayan Abode
View of bed rooms: Himalayan Abode

A beautiful room with a balcony which faces the peaks and the mighty Himalayas at a long shot. The room is clean and well furnished with only one thing missing, a Television (who needs a TV when you have scenic beauty around you. They have a beautiful dining room on the first floor and this is where you have TV and a small library. There is another reading corner with few books in the ground floor beside the rooms as well There is a big double bed and a small seating arrangement on the floor close to balcony other than the chairs in the balcony. Once you wake up the beautiful Himalayas with the white snow on one side and sun’s rays gives you a spectacular view.

The dining hall with a spectacular view: Our favorite place :D
The dining hall with a spectacular view: Our favorite place at Himalayan Abode  😀

 Dinner, lunch etc will be available on prior order. So if you are going there, call and order for food and what you want. We reached late and forgot to tell them in advance that we want chicken. So the day we arrived we got some Egg curry, daal, rice, roti and other vegetarian dishes. The next day we choose Garhwal ( the local community there) special menu with chicken dry and curry along with Garhwali veg dishes. The food was awesome and moderately priced. A full Handi (300gms) chicken curry cost 350INR only and the rest of the stuff was priced at 150 or so. This is one of the best features we found at this hotel. Good food at a reasonable rate, even breakfast and tea. The staff were really good, helping and welcoming. They told us about the place, local attractions, the Narsingh mandir, Badrinath and Chinese border which was just 70 Km away.


  • They got a website – and you can book through phone or email, pretty easy.
  • They got decent wifi at the hotel.
  • They also conduct skiing, trekking and all kinds of adventure sports.
  • The owners of this hotel are quite popular around Joshimath & Auli, So you booked the right place.
  • The staff will tell you stories about the place, culture, about the Indo-China Border etc.
A view of dining hall - Himalayan Abode
Evenings are beautiful -A view of dining hall : Himalayan Abode
Our book worm Jini :D Himalayan Abode
Our bookworm Jini 😀 @ Himalayan Abode
Himalayan Abode
The photographs here speaks their culture and tradition – Himalayan Abode
We can fly!!
We can fly!!
I can be here forever!
Nature gets the best in me, I wanna be here forever!
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12 thoughts on “Himalayan Abode: A perfect Abode at Joshimath

  1. OMG!! This place. I would just sit and every nook and corner of this abode and just soak in the beauty of the place. Bookmarking this page, this place is going to haunt me unless I visit it. Thanks <3

  2. I am totally in awe. Every inch of that place is so colorful and gorgeous, both inside the hotel and out! As ridiculously jealous as I am, I am still also very happy to see how much fun you had. 😀

  3. Such a wonderful place and hosts ! And the sumptuous books .. one of the best places to have been on a holiday ..:) congrats Ajay Bhatt..

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