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Weekend and new movies goes hand in hand for us here. Highway, a movie by Imtiaz Ali, music by A. R. Rehman starring Alia Bhatt & Randeep Hooda. Just like the name, this movie has so much of highway scenes, some times the scene, while some other time the director makes us feel that highway is in our mind. The movie is  a bit slow but awesome performances by Alia bhatt and Randeep Hooda. Even there are some folks which were there only for a little time on the screen, but unforgettable performances.



To start with, the movie begins with wedding preparations of Alia, who hails from a rich family. She gets kidnapped in front of her fiance who is also rich and wealthy, but dumb at mind. The highway(literally) begins here and they managed to show this in the movie very well. The camera work was brilliant and the audience get to see the roads in Rajasthan to the Himachal and more towards Kashmir. The movie becomes slow at times, but Alia pulls it back to the place where she keeps people laughing and she is the adrenaline of this movie. The movie has a story, a message which is happening/ had happened with many people’s life. The characters of this movie are not normal, they both had their own struggles in their respective individual lives.The movie ends well.



Highway is about two minds with their own problems in life, who are searching for ways to come out of it and want to live a life of their own. One is a criminal while other, a girl hailing from a rich family who later finds she is happy & safe with a criminal and free to take her own decisions. This movie has good scenes, a small story, a message, excellent music and songs by A.R Rahman, while to keep you laughing the scenes by actors.



Our Verdict: I read the reviews written by many people and still I wanted to watch the movie. After watching it, I felt the reviews are not that good. The story definitely is not a conventional one, but if you like to watch a movie this weekend with a message, then this is it. The movie is good for a family to watch  this weekend .

I will give a 3 stars for it from the angle of entertainment & Simplicity of watching. 

UPDATE: theshopaholic (visit about us if you dunno who this is) thinks the movie should be rated 4 star! So at gun point I change it to 4 stars. 


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    • theknotstory

      Same here 😛 , but She is too good in Highway 😀

  1. theknotstory

    Go ahead! It is a one time watch Poo 😀

  2. theknotstory

    After reading the reviews even we were confused, some how i liked it (especially girls will enjoy it 😉 )

    • theknotstory

      Hey do not miss Highway if you are Alia fan , She’s is just too awesome in the movie 🙂

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