Hey!!! We are back Refreshed

Hey We are back Refreshed!!

Hello ppl! It’s been a while since we posted and we regret doing so 🙁 . Those who follow us on Instagram would know that we have been on a short vacation, a trip to our home land, God’s own country 🙂 🙂 . While planning our trip we promised ourselves that we would post atleast a post every alternate day, but trust me we were packed with fun trips, yummy food( mainly sea food 😀 ), family time and loads of fun. How can someone remember about posting blogs 😐 .

Hey We are back Refreshed!!

Natural Beauty

Hey We are back Refreshed!!


There are loads to share with you guys and we promise we will post about our short vacation ASAP. This time we focused on exploring more of our own hometown which is North Kerala rather than our usual trips to South Kerala which is Alleppey and the backwaters(here) and (here) which most of you are familiar about.
There are so many beautiful places in North Kerala which are better than the best tourist spots and we had clicked some pics of some of these places too. So wait for those beautiful pics and stories starting tomorrow 🙂

Hey We are back Refreshed!!

Country Side

These are just sample, wait and watch for the posts with more beautiful pics and also about how we enjoyed this vacation.

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  1. Meghana

    nice one 🙂 south India has scenic beautiful places

  2. Jeena

    Nice in Kerala… Kerala have more attractions like… i like your views in Kerala with different verity of attractions …

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