Healthy snacks to munch on

Is it just me or are there people out there who always crave for food anytime and every time. Did you just nod? Thank God, much relieved to hear that :D. I just love food and I love munching all the time like when I am bored, when I am sleepy, when I am watching TV or when I am reading. 3 hrs without munching something makes me feel like I am starving for a week or so 😀 It isn’t a problem as long as I don’t bother about my weight and health. 😛 Neither can I control my desire for snacks nor I want to put on weight or be unhealthy.
Today I’ve come come with certain healthy snacks options which you can have whenever you want and you won’t even put on weight. BUT, this is just cheating your stomach and mind, don’t over eat. Arre… there should be a limit for everything right!
  • Cornflakes- yes this will answer your starving call and its way too healthy. No need to add milk, u can have just like a that. I’m not talking about the sweet or chocolate coated ones.
  • Popcorn- the best is the plain one, without any spices or masalas or butter added to it, it’s high in fiber and antioxidants, low in calories and fat. Isn’t that glad news 😀
  • Fruits: Now do I need to explain you the benefit of fruits???
  • Raw vegetables: Switch to carrot, cucumber, beet etc, not only it’s healthy, it can make wonders to your skin.
  • Nuts: They are high on nutrients, vitamins, proteins and fiber. Try to consume them raw because once they are roasted their natural benefits are lost.
  • Frozen Yogurt: Pour it in the ice cube tray insert a tooth pick or any stick. ta..da… you are having the healthiest snack than the ice cream.
  • Sprouts: rich in digestible energy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and what not.

Finally, I am warning you again, having these snacks are a temporary solution for food craving, don’t take it as an eating competition. 😛 Too much of anything is not good. 😉
Eat healthy and stay healthy. OMG!!!! This blog made me feel hungry let me get some snacks..oops healthy snacks 😀
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