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I had started a series of posts on healthy breakfast and I’m glad that you guys loved it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I try to keep it heavy and filling so that we don’t crave to eat junk in between.  Today I have another recipe for healthy breakfast. We have a rule in our home that no one should leave home in the morning without having breakfast and I’m glad that both the boys at home follow this rule religiously. So today I’m gonna share a quick and easy sandwich recipe with you guys. It’s a protein-rich palak paneer sandwich. Read further for my version of palak paneer sandwich recipe.


Whole Wheat Bread: 6 slices (Here I’m making 3 sandwiches)

Fresh palak leaves: 10 to 15 Nos

Paneer: Thinly sliced 5 to 6 pieces

A spread/ sauce/ chutney as per our choice

Salt and pepper

Butter (optional)

Palak Paneer Sandwich

  • Take bread apply the sandwich spread on one side of all the pieces of bread. It can be a spread of your choice like tomato sauce, mayonnaise or even green chutney. Here I’m using chipotle spread.
  • Slice paneer into thin and broader pieces and sprinkle freshly ground pepper and salt on both sides.
  • Now let’s layer the sandwich. with palak leaves, paneer and again palak leaves.
  • Grill your sandwich in a griller or toaster for that perfect crunchy texture.
  • Enjoy hot sandwich with your morning coffee or tea along with a fruit.
palak paneer sandwich Ingredients- palak, paneer, spread, black pepper
Sprinkle salt and pepper on thinly sliced paneer
Sandwich spread- I used Chipotle spread
Layer the sandwich with the spread, palak, paneer and finally palak.
Place the assembled sandwich in your toaster/grill
And your Palak Pneer Sandwich is ready!


  1. You can make palak paneer sandwich also with the leftover palak paneer gravy by just spreading the palak paneer over your bread and toasting it.
  2. If you do not have paneer at home you can make palak eggs sandwich by replacing paneer with egg omelette or scrambled egg.

    Serve palak paneer sandwich with tomato sauce

Hope you guys liked my easy peasy palak paneer sandwich recipe not only protein-rich but also high in minerals and vitamins. You can make a lot of varietiosn in this recipe as per you ideas.

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