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Money, happiness, love, beauty, power, youth, – if you are choosing any of these as priority in your life, then you should rethink. Yes, all this plays an important part in your life but before all these you need to focus on your health. Many of us usually ignore health until we fall sick, but it can be too late.We should never forget the true fact that Health is wealth.

The problem with health is that once you loose your health everything else follows. Money, time, power, happiness all are connected with health. When you visit the hospital, you have to go through all the tests even if its a common cold. If undergoing any surgery then you are going to have a nightmare thinking about the huge hospital bills.

As our life style changed hospitals are having a good time exploiting the patients. You won’t see any vacant hospital in your locality. You can see a huge rush every time you visit. So, basically you’ll have to spend the whole day at the hospital for a consultation and tests followed by it. All these are time consuming. When money and time is lost, tension arises and again its going to affect our health.

So, never ignore your health. Don’t wait until you are sick and start regretting. You just have to take care of two things:

  1. Your food habits/ life style: Eating out can be fun but don’t make it a habit. Nothing is as healthy as a homely food. Soak vegetables and fruits in salt /vinegar/ turmeric water before cooking; you never know how much pesticides have been sprayed to it. Mere washing in water doesn’t clean them. (A detailed post on this is coming soon..) Try to grow some plants in your balcony like curry leaves, mint, tomato, brinjal etc. they just require good sunlight and water. You can even put used tea dust or onion skin as fertilizers.
  2.  Exercise: Stop giving excuses, it’s never too late to begin a good health routine It doesn’t mean that you have to join gym immediately. You can either choose walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, dancing, playing your favorite sport, yoga, meditation etc. You just have to choose at least one form of exercise and spare few minutes of your day for your health. Your body deserves it.

Teenagers getting heart attack, diabetes in small children, obesity, infertility cancer etc are so common nowadays. Prevention is better than cure, so give importance to the major concern of your life. Health is the foundation of our life. If health is lost we don’t have anything much left in our life.

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