What really makes oats one of the most talked about health foods? : Health Benefits Of Oats

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What really makes oats one of the most talked about health foods?

Just think of time a decade back and nobody knew anything about the oats. Then came the health revolution and everybody developed the consciousness about their health and what they ate. This brought oats into picture and this classic food got a whole new platform to display its health benefits. Oats have made many people raise their eyebrows on seeing the bowl full of oatmeal which usually looks lumpy and hardly attractive but is categorized as one of the most interesting health foods. Oats are easy to cook and good to have as they are health packed and have various natural compounds that fight against different health problems but still it has not yet reached every kitchen or have not found place in the breakfast menu yet.

It is high time you include these awesome oats in your everyday meal and if you still have doubts then check the reasons given here.

benefits of oats
benefits of oats
  • Oats keep you full for long 

Oats may look thin flaky grains, but when you consume oats or oatmeal, you may feel full for long. Just one bowl of oats would keep you full for long as it is quite rich in fiber content and would amount to only 147 calories. The glycemic index (GI) of oats is low and your body will absorb it slowly. The complete digestion process would take longer time and hence you won’t keep on experiencing untimely hunger pangs. If you are on diet then having a bowl full of oatmeal first thing in the morning would keep you full for quite a long time and would stop you from unnecessary binging.

  • Your heart’s best friend

 Oat is definitely your heart’s best friend. It absorbs all the unwanted cholesterol from your blood and blood vessels. The absorbed cholesterol is then given an exit route as waste. The soluble fibers present in oats have gel like texture. When this gel like fibers move through your digestive system, the cholesterol and fats trapped in intestine and the entire digestive tract would be trapped. These fatty compounds are later discharged from the body as the waste material. One cup of oats may provide you with 4g of soluble fibers which would reduce the cholesterol by about 8% to 25%.

  • Perfect aid for digestion

 Fibers have always worked wonders for digestion and oats are very rich in soluble and insoluble fibers. The insoluble fibers in body will take the entire food waste along and would help in constipation and gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD).  

Oats can work for your skin, blood pressure, brain, and would support all vital functions when taken regularly.

More about oats and its preparation

Oats and oatmeal are usually considered same. People feel that oats are boring as you don’t have many options other than oatmeal to explore when it comes to oats. This is not right anymore as oats can now be prepared or had in breads, cookies, pancakes, and can also be used as flour. Companies are coming up with different varieties of oats starting from the rolled oats, slow cooking oats, to the latest version of instant oats. You will not fall short of recipes any more when you are working with oats as the health and nutrition experts have lately made oats versatile so that they can be added to all recipes easily.

Oats have long list of benefits and at the same time it is very easy to prepare even at the time of morning rush. Explore the new oat varieties in market and get them all in your kitchen so that next time when you feel like reaching out to something tasty and healthy, you don’t have dearth of options.


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