Health benefits of Coconut water

Our mother nature provides us with all the nutrition which our body wants and we don’t actually need any health supplements in the form of tonics and vitamin tablets. By the time we realize the fact that we should’ve Β included such natural ingredients in our daily life we will be affected by various illness or deficiencies. Rather than waiting for late 30’s and 40’s, why can’t we start leading a healthy life at an early age? Let’s enjoy life to the fullest; along with that let’s also follow a nutritional routine. By doing so, yo can live the way you are living even during your old age free from diabetes, cholesterol and other heart diseases.

It is necessary that we know about these natural supplements which can keep us healthy and nutritious and we thought we will share about the advantages of these starting from this post.

Let me start with Coconut water:

  • Best for weight loss: If you are on a weight loss regime include coconut water on our routine. Coconut WaterΒ helps to increase your metabolism and also the fat content in coconut water is very low.
  • Dehydration: If you are suffering from dysentery, diarrhea or any disease which leads to dehydration, don’t think twice. Tender coconut water helps to re-hydrate and lessens body fatigue.
  • Skin care: By including tender coconut water in your daily routine you can stay away from wrinkles, acne, dark spots and carry a glowing and youthful skin. Isn’t it a perfect skincare routine πŸ™‚
  • Energy Booster: Natural coconut water is better than any energy booster drink available in the market. Consume fresh coconut water regularly after your daily workout, you will feel fresh and hydrated.
  • Best for kidneys: People suffering from kidney stones and other kidney related ailments can consume fresh coconut water. The presence of potassium helps to dissolve the stones.
  • Digestive issues: The rich nutrients present in coconut water helps in easy digestion and metabolism. Those who have digestive issues should include fresh coconut water in their daily routine.
  • Daily consumption of fresh tender coconut water improves our immune system and helps our body to fight against various diseases.

Always try to consume fresh coconut water over canned ones.

Now you can always use Coconut Water over aerated drinks,canned fruit juices and health drinks when you feel you need energy, right?

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30 thoughts on “Health benefits of Coconut water

    1. oh same here. while in Bangalore i used to drink tender coconut water daily. After shifting to Delhi it’s like ones a week or so 😐

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the sharing such useful information on coconut water.
    It is useful in weight loss and Kidney stone, this information were not known to me,I would really love to add coconut water in my routine.

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