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So who all have couriered your Rakhi and gifts? How many of you are tying Rakhi on your brother’s wrist by yourself? This day every year I miss my home and childhood. I used to have a wonderful Raksha bandhan day with my brother and sister. The happiness and joy of tying Rakhi and exchanging sweets and gifts can never be compared to the couriered  Rakhi and gifts.
For those who are not aware of Rakhi /Raksha bandhan:
Rakhi /Rakshabandhan or ‘the knot of protection’ is a thread ( a wrist band) which is tied on the brother’s wrist by the sister and prays for his safety and well being. In return the brother promises to protect her for the rest of her life. Once the Rakhi is tied she feeds him sweets the brother gifts her with money or any of her favorite item. Now a days sisters buy gifts for brothers 😀
There are a lot of stories behind Raksha bandhan and every story has got its importance. Raksha bandhan is celebrated in many parts of India, Nepal, Pakistan etc. I feel we are really lucky to have such festivals where we can dedicate a whole day for our siblings and also a day to cherish our childhood memories.
We stay in different cities and different counties, it’s almost impossible to meet our siblings personally to celebrate Raksha bandhan even if we are dying to do so. This post is for each and every brother and sister out there who miss their siblings this day and for those who are trying to find happiness in the gifts and the Rakhi  they received by courier.
Happpy Raksha bandhan!!
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