Happy Independence Day – We need citizens who react, who can stand up for others

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India, a country known for history, heritage, its rich & varied culture and to the colorful festivals and art. These are just some, there are plenty of positive things about the country. We forget these things every day, we crib about the negatives and we live the same life. Every Indian lives almost similar life. If we change the way we live a bit it may unveil some real talents at young age. It is happening now, but it should increase. We need citizens who react, who can stand up for others, people who are not afraid of keeping forward their opinion, people who are ready to fight for their rights and citizen’s who respect others and self. These things are something which comes to you from childhood.This is about letting the kid choose what he want.

Being a kid, your parents, relatives and society encourages you to study hard, harder and hardest. Sports and other extra curricular activities are just to be sidelined when it comes to studies. This young kid will be busy studying and soon he will become a teenager. Even if the kid is more talented in Sports and extra curricular activities, he/she doesn’t get a chance to choose. We really can’t decide someone else’s future, especially kids as they grow we should guide them, give them options and freedom to choose from those. Moreover, every sports teaches about discipline, order, respect and courage.

When I was a kid I had dreams which I gave up because my parents found it a distraction for my studies. The same might have happened to many kids and I am sure it is happening many more now a days. A good career is necessary, but why not let the kid choose it if not that why not give them options and see what they are good at. Our country have enough and more educated engineers, Mba’s etc who are jobless or struggling to settle down. Many of them might have become talented artists, sports persons or photographers or good entrepreneurs or great innovators if they had an option in their childhood, the best time for coaching and studying.TiredStudent300

Lets take a minute and give it a thought, what if we let our kids select arts, sports or other hobbies and provide them the right guidance and support? If they receive the training / guidance in the childhood, our country will have many talented people staying in India serving our nation in their own way through arts, sports or some thing bigger & better instead of flying out of India to earn and later settling down. If we provide youngsters the right opportunities, guidance & facilities, you can see a new generation which will rebuild this nation and make it stronger, better and the best. We will see less violence, rape and incidents like that.

Today’s generation are afraid to respond to anything they see, afraid to speak their mind either be at work or anywhere. This is because they are being spoon fed since their birth, they lived life as per the instructions they got. They never got a chance to choose something, do what they like to do, speak freely about what they want. Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen, let us give them the right guidance, freedom, choices and encourage them for what they want to be rather than what we want them to be. Jai Hind!!


Happy Independence Day Folks.south-sudan-kids-playing-OGB87098-1220x763

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12 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day – We need citizens who react, who can stand up for others

  1. we need citizens who are not afraid to say what they feel is wrong….refuse to bow doesn for wrong reasons and stand up for the right ones!

  2. Today’s kids are a pampered lot: parents pamper them at home because they have no time for giving anything better; teachers pamper them at school because the system is such; and the media pamper them because commodities sell through and for them.

    This will change when we will realise what little monsters we are nurturing.

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