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Happy Diwali 🙂 Let the celebrations begin with diyas and sweets, No crackers. We support cracker less Diwali but we can only request you folks to have a Cracker less Diwali, It’s you who should make the final call. Diwali is not celebrated in Kerala and I wasn’t much interested in this I until moved to Pune then Chennai & Delhi. The best Diwali I had is in Delhi, the positive energy spread all over is what I love being in Delhi. This year, I am away from Delhi while my other half is back there. When you are away from home, you normally do miss people. But when you are away from home during Diwali and when everyone is celebrating, it’s too difficult for us (me & her).

We blame our country for the traditions, culture, belief & what not. What we forget is this culture, belief & traditions are the reason why we celebrate festivals like Diwali. We forget our so called matured thoughts & become childishly busy celebrating Diwali, The story of Diwali is known to almost all, but for me Diwali is the festival of happiness, prosperity and love where people celebrate together as a family, group, community,

Here is Team Theknotstory wishing our Readers a Happy Diwali!!!

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28 thoughts on “Happy Diwali – India is the Best

  1. Hehe India is definitely the best when it comes to festivals and certain traditions 😀 Happy Belated Diwali to the entire knotstory team 😀

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