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We have published many love stories(here), but this one is different since this resulted in a new idea. These two people were in love for almost 7 years and then they got married. They had their own share of fun, confusion, expectation and lots of love which bound them together forever.  Nithin & Ria are two opposites by every meaning, today they are living a Happily Ever After life 🙂

Ria loves stories and she was sweet enough to share her story.

Over to Ria 🙂

“We met when I was studying in 10th standard. One day I was forced by my two friends to go for an English class video shooting, which I really was not at all interested in. Once I reached the venue along with my friends that’s where I met Nithin for the first time, who was the director of photography of the shoot.



When we met first, I had a special feeling something like which we call love at first sight ^_^ or some connection with him in past life 😛 . I told this to my friend Amala (Amala Paul) and at the end of the day Amala went to Nithin and got his visiting card. But I didn’t know this! She gave me the visiting card and I was shocked and surprised to see that its his visiting card. Amala told me to call him and stay connected as friends, but still I was shy to call a guy (as you know the rule is guy should call first 😛 ). Again Amala came to picture and she called Nithin to tell about me. From that day nithin and me became good friends. She thought this will not last longer as we were complete opposites.



We used to hangout and spend time together. One day he told me about marriage his plans and the same day I told him those magical words 🙂 . I being a teenager (Plus two), he was not sure if I was serious or it’s just a teenage crush. The truth is he liked me more than as a friend ( I could feel the warmth in our relation). After few days, Nithin went to USA for job in a cruise ship while I continued my routine life. After a year he came back for vacation, yaay! Happyyy me as I was just dying to see him and talk to him!!. Nithin and me hardly spoke a couple of times since he went on the cruise ship and the news he is back made me happier than ever. At the other end, Nithin was surprised to see me still waiting for him and that was the moment he realized that my love for him is just not a teenage crush but a decision for a life time 🙂


Now, Nithin and me, we were very different; infact we were poles apart when it comes to physical appearance (the photos says it 😀 ). We were not sure whether our families would accept our relationship, but it came as a surprise to us when our parents said physical appearances don’t really make a relation but  it’s the mental connection. This was a moment of reality check, we were happy once again and excited..Yeah!!! We are getting married, that too without much hard work our parents said YESS!!! (Trust me, Love to arranged marriage is not easy, parents, society blah blah blah but we did it 😀 )


Our marriage dates were fixed and we were destined to tie the knot on sept -8-2013. Happy times; Wedding preps, relatives, friends, plans, shopping, meeting him and above all the most important part Happiness of getting married to the love of my life.


During our pre-wedding shoots We had created a fun video just for fun, but it turned out to be major hit among friends. Later we had the thought, why can’t we both capture the lovely wedding moments of others too and thus our Happily Ever After ” photography & films started.


PS: Isn't she looking Gorgeous? We loved her wedding gown :D
PS: Isn’t she looking Gorgeous? We loved her wedding dress:D

I still remember the day we met first it was 15-Oct-2007 !! I am sure Nithin don’t remember any dates:P8













A Selfie with best friend :D : Amala Paul
A Selfie with bestie and the person who started our story 😀 : Amala Paul


This love story is different from any other story. When two creative minds loved each other and they got married, that resulted in the birth of ” Happily Ever After ” Photography & Films. They have covered some weddings including  celebrity wedding, yes the marriage of none other than Ria’s bestie Amala Paul. The well known South Indian actress 🙂 We will be sharing more on the same soon.

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34 thoughts on “Happily Ever After : Real love story

  1. Such a cute love story, I can so relate to your story, me and my boy was in love for 5 years and we are complete opposites when it comes to appearance, and we also stayed apart for a year but still was in touch through phone and now we are together…

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