Guests or ghosts, What’s your experience?

Some people bring happiness wherever they go, while some others bring happiness whenever they go, we are talking about guests here.India is a country where we care too much about guests; Atithi devo bhava (guest is god) or Atithi good bye ๐Ÿ˜› ย this totally depends on the atithi (atithi – guest in hindi). Guests or ghosts, What’s your experience?

ย It is wonderful to have a nice chat with our guest over a cup of coffee about anything under the sun. It can be relaxing and soothing if we like the guest or else it can turn out to be a nightmare. Yes!! Not all guests are pleasantly welcome because some gives us nightmare even before they reach. We always have the liberty to convey our concern to friends but mostly itโ€™s the relatives or acquaintance whom we can’t comment on. Worst is that we canโ€™t even say anything to them . ๐Ÿ˜

Guests or ghosts, What's your experience?
Guests or ghosts, What’s your experience?


I wish I could convey them these:

  • Wow, how nice of you to wear chappal (sandal) inside my home and bring dirt from all over the town to spoil my carpet.
  • This is not a hotel and I am not your maid to make tea, coffee, tang, boost, Complan, etc depending on your choice. (diabetic patients excused)
  • Standing in the kitchen door and asking the evergreen question โ€œdo u need any help?โ€ even after seeing me juggling with cups, plates and groceries.. phewww!!!!
  • Please donโ€™t bother about us and keep on eating, we will have a glass of water for dinner. (seriously are you starving or is it a war over food??)
  • Let me just note down when you are giving suggestion on how to arrange MY HOUSE, and ya am going to renovate it tomorrow itself as per your needs..Grrrr..
  • Just like you, am also so excited to see your kids playing with my costly glassware.ohh!.. You are such a good parent.
  • Kids are kids, they will be asking โ€œcan I take this homeโ€ on seeing anything curious. Its lovely watching you grinning over it rather than refrain them.
  • Being at another home doesnโ€™t mean that you can be careless about your children, just have an eye on them, because cosmetics are really precious to me.
  • Checking my watch in between means I have other reservations, and am just being polite about it.
  • Oh! was that a joke, one second let me just grin.

If we are out of conversation, I think it is time to say goodbye.

Disclaimer : All characters mentioned above are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real person, living or dead is purely coincidental. ๐Ÿ˜›


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