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Our Favorite Soda Bottle Opener Wala (SBOW) is turning 5! As a part of their anniversary celebrations, SBOW conducted a special Gin tasting & mixology session last week. We love the Bawa breakfast in SBOW and Baawa specials too, but yesterday it was the Gin which caught our attention. When we say GIN, a couple of brands comes to our mind as they are the known ones, but if I say Indian Gin hardly anyone remembers a brand name. Gin and tonic is a well-known drink so are the cocktails which are based out of the Gin.

Greater than Gin- tasting

The man of the moment was Anand Virmani, the first Craft Distiller in India while the original MVP was Greater Than Gin, first crafted GIN. Why Greater Than Gin? The answer is simple; the only London dry gin made in India. Copper pot distilled with botanicals sourced from India and around the world. This gin has clean juniper and fresh lemon peel on the nose and a zing of ginger on the finish. They told us the story of how they made Greater Than, the struggles they have been through & the specialties of this one. SBOW hosted the event with great passion. While Anand & Vaibhav were telling the stories, the amazing appetizers of SBOW kept coming in.

Greater Than Gin, this thing has a distinct flavor and fragrance when compared to the regular London Gin. The 9 spices add magic to the Greater Than GIN and a straight shot of Greater than is what I love most.

The 9 spices that adds magic to Greater than Gin

Arijit, the master of mixology showed his magic with some special cocktails based out of Greater Than Gin. The first one was similar to Moscow Mule or Mojito but had a special taste which is because of the mint leaves & Greater Than Gin combo. The second one he mixed was my favorite, this one has five spices along with a bit of Nestea and apple in it. This one turned out to be my favorite because it was less sweet a bit spicy in taste. The last, one of the signature special of SBOW, Soda chai is a customized version of Gin & Tonic with Greater than GIN. This one tasted good but was sweet (I prefer straight shots & can’t take drinks which are too sweet).

Greater than Gin

While we were busy chatting, snacking & sipping our drinks Greater Than Gin had a pop quiz with a special prize. Something which is not yet launched in Delhi-NCR, the MVP of the day. You guessed it right, it was a bottle of Greater Than Gin and guess what, we won that 🙂

Greater than Gin

A Friday evening which was awesome for us because of the 5th Anniversary of SBOW along with getting acquainted with a new fresh brand of poison, Greater Than GIn.

Currently, Greater than Gin is available Goa. Greater Than Gin has a friend too, named Hapuna. Anyone in Goa, try these it ain’t the regula but crafted like a Royce 🙂

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