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Every time when my grand mom comes and stays with me, my GK in cooking definitely increases.. 😀  She’s a bundle of knowledge and has got tips and tricks for each and everything. We all know that granny’s are masters in everything and they can never go wrong. I don’t think I will be able to impart all this tips to my grandchildren from my memory. But hopefully they will be having much better technology to remember all this. Until then let me share some of her kitchen tips to you guys.

  • Wrap the Paneer in a bloating paper and keep it in fridge to last longer.
  • Keep a piece of sponge in the vegetable tray in fridge; it helps to absorb the extra moisture.
  • To get extra softness for paneer soak it in vinegar for few minutes before using.
  • Leaves like methi, spinach, coriander etc last longer when you wrap them in newspaper rather than plastic cover.
  • Add some lemon zest while cooking cabbage for better smell and taste.
  • Sprinkle little bit of slat on top of rice to ward off insects (not the cooked one, the rice container) 
  • Wet your knife before cutting boiled eggs.
  • Wash dry and grind the beetroot skin to use it as natural food color.
  • Heat the knife before cutting bread. You can avoid bread crumbs and get neatly cut slices of bread.
  • Green lemon is good for making pickles, while yellow one is best for lime juice.
  • Sprinkle little bit of salt while storing almonds to avoid fungus.
  • Add few pepper corns in your oil container, it won’t get rancid and stay fresh longer.
  • Coat ladies finger with mustard oil, it will last long.
  • Using steel knife when you are slicing fruits can reduce discoloration to an extend.
  • If your pickles get dried up, add few drops of vinegar to it.
  • Adding few drops of sugar when boiling green gram/mung bean will retain it’s natural color.

    This is not done yet, more to come from granny’s diary. Will keep posting.
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