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Mornings are supposed to be fresh and relaxing which kick starts a perfect day 🙂 . Scientifically, a nice and sound sleep makes your morning fresh and happy. Many of us doesn’t know about the good sleep part. We work so hard the whole day for a perfect life and on that we sacrifice our much needed sleep many times. Is that a good idea? Really? I will leave this question for you guys. We need to understand that Good Morning is not just a style of  greeting 🙂

My weekend mornings were usually  happy because I sleep late and  wake up late and lazy. I was happy that way until my work invaded me. We all know that emergencies at work are unavoidable. Now a days, all I want is a good weekend and what I get is surprise plans and meetings which spoil my weekend plans. Am I stressed out, not really. I make sure not to miss my sleep. I am a sound sleep guy, once I’m asleep I don’t mind background noises. Not even a tsunami can wake me up 😛

If you are a sleep struggler, these simple tips would help you:

  • Make sure you keep your work phone in silent mode while going to bed.
  • Switch off the wakey wakey alarms.
  • Have light dinner, healthy and digestible. Don’t eat too much which may cause indigestion leading you to wake up early.
  • Try not to plan anything for early morning.
  • Sleep happily and not after a fight.(especially for married ones 😉 )
  • These are some simple things we all can follow without much issues and these can lead you to a happy morning and healthy life
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