Go Short Hair this Summer

What’s the worst about summer? Sweating, Sunburn, Heat stroke or Dehydration? For me its always been my hair. Usually I just love my hair but during summer my hair acts psychic with lots of sweating and itching. No matter how good I take care, my hair just throws tantrums. I wonder how people with long hair manages it. I consider it a bliss to have a short hair during this season. I have always had neck length hair but would love to go boy cut in summers 😉 Apparently there are many benefits of having a short hair this summer.

  • First and foremost short hair is appropriate for any hair type, whether it’s thin, thick, straight or curly. Even if you have extremely thin hair, you can volumise it by cutting it short.
  • Lesser the length lesser time you need to spend on your hair care.
  • No need to worry about straightening, curling, blow drying or anything because you just look stylish the way it is.
  • New me new look really boosts your confidence because it’s indeed a bold step to chop off your hair.
  • Short hair enhances the beauty of your neck and color bone.
  • Less hair means less haircare and styling products used every time thus you can save bucks.
  • After hair wash, short hair just dries off within a few minutes, You might not even require hair dryer. Working woman are gonna save a lot of time there..
  • Definitely you are going to look younger
  • After the initial outcry of “ohhh why did you do this, you looked better earlier “ and all such bullshit suggestions everyone would envy to get such look but it takes a lot of guts to chop your hair off.

The only cons about short hair is others can nag you about their opinion on how it doesn’t suit you. Just ignore and move on..

So if you are sceptical about getting a short hair, just think of these points.. It’s always good to try something new on you, after all it’s just a haircut your hair is gonna grow back soon. Let this summer be a reason for your new look. Feeling pity for Rapunzel in summer? 😛

So girls how about short hair this summer.

I’ll come up with short hair styling tips in my next post. 

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