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Going gluten-free is the new thing here. Without even knowing what and why people are avoiding gluten in their diet. But the actual fact is gluten is not all that bad. People who have gluten intolerance should avoid gluten to avoid the side effects. Others can happily include gluten in their diet.

Now let’s talk about weight loss. From my personal experience what I experienced is, when I go gluten free I shred more kilos than when I consume wheat and maida in my diet. It’s advisable to go gluten free if you are planning a weight loss routine. If you cannot live without your roti and parathas you can have them twice or thrice a week. The best thing to do is to find substitutes of the highly consumed gluten which is wheat. I have started including a number of gluten-free grains in my diet that now I hardly miss my wheat roti. Below are some of the gluten-free grains which you can use as flour in cooking as well as baking which is high in nutrients as well.

Bajra ( Pearl Millet)- Bajra is one of my favorite substitute for wheat. It’s rich in protein and minerals. Bajra is a high fiber food which is great for weight loss. You can make whole Bajra rice or use bajra flour in making rotis, puris, dosa or any other snacks.

Jowar( Sorghum)- Jowar is a power packed food very high in nutrients. It’s great for pregnant women as it’s full of iron. Jowar is packed with fibre, protein and vitamins. It’s great for diabetic patients as well. You can make idlis, dosa, roti, snacks and even use jowar in baking.

Oatmeal- Oats needs no introduction and most of us start our day with a bowl of oatmeal. Oats is one of the healthiest food option which you can consume without any guilt. Oats is rich in vitamins, minerals and is high on fibre. The easiest way to have oats is the breakfast bowl loaded with fruits and nuts. You can grind oats and use in your daily cooking and baking as well.

The Perfectly Roasted oats

Ragi (Finger Millet): Ragi is another great option for gluten-free food. Ragi powder can be used to prepare a lot of delicious dishes, both north Indian and South Indian and even for baking.

Quinoa- Another power packed food! Quinoa is protein rich high fibrous food which is also a great source of essential minerals. The best part is quinoa is gluten free as well as low in carbs.


Kuttu (Buckwheat): Kuttu atta is another great substitute for wheat which is gluten-free. This protein-rich grain to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Kuttu atta can be used for making dosa, rotis and parathas.

Flax Seeds- Read More about flax seeds here

Apart from there healthier options of gluten free food you can also consider rice, tapioca, corn etc for a gluten free meal options.

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