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Was at a tattoo parlor getting a tattoo and I heard this conversation.

Random Customer: Hey, I would like to get a tattoo done.

Tattoo Artist: Alright, what do you have in mind?

Random Customer: Well, whatever is the latest trend. I would like to have that.

This is totally no-no conversation with any tattoo artist. Tattoo’s and piercings are not just for fashion but is going to be a permanent part of your body in one way or other. The mark will always be there. So why do you want a tattoo for the namesake that too when it is going to be a permanent mark on your body? This is the question you should ask yourself before getting a tattoo done. Regretting after getting a tattoo is not a good idea, for they cannot be removed easily and if you want to cover it up then it is going to be a costly affair.

The most important thing for getting a tattoo done is to find the best tattoo artist.tat

What to Tattoo?
This is a question where many of us need to find the answer to before getting one. There are plenty of designs on the internet, but how can you relate them?

Let me tell you what I did.
For me, I always preferred something which is about me or related to me. I explored a number of tattoo parlors, spoke to the artists there and checked to their ideas about how to do it. Finally, I found a good tattoo artist in Delhi NCR with whom I can relate to and got mine done. The artist’s smartness is very important because he is the one who can convert your story into a beautiful tattoo. Rather than going for a random tattoo design which you don’t know what it means, it is always good to come up with a theme and tell the artist about it. If he is a good artist, he will come up with some designs and explain it to you. You can choose the best one from those.

The tattoo:

Once the design is final, the process takes time depending upon the complexity of tattoo designs. A tattoo can take anything from an hour to multiple sitting of 8hrs each. The size and complexity of design along with the work involved make the time factor. If you are planning to get a tattoo done, these are some things you should know about.

Things to Do :

  • Choose the right tattoo parlor /artist who can understand what you want.
  • Talk to the artist and take an appointment.
  • Make sure you have enough time for getting the tattoo done.
  • This is not an activity which can be done using a shortcut.
  • Tattoo is a permanent mark, do sensibly.
  • Tattoo once done cannot be removed so choose what you want to do carefully.
  • Never go for the cheap ones since this is very dangerous if not taken care properly.
  • Make sure that you take after-care of the tattoo very well so that it stays forever.

If you are planning for a couple tattoo, choose a design which you both can relate to. Like I said, every tattoo should have a story. 🙂 

Here is what I(we)got and more to come 😀


Wanted to do a "Dorje" ever since I read about them but never had the chance until now. Added an hourglass along with it to show the time which is passing
Wanted to do a “Dorje” ever since I read about them but never had the chance until now. Added an hourglass along with it to show the time which is passing

Tattoo Artist:  Prasanta Chetia, Ryhorn Tattoo, 

432, 1st floor, Bhera Enclave, Paschim Vihar
New Delhi, India
Facebook: Rhyhorn tattoo 
Instagram: Rynhorn tattoo
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2 thoughts on “Getting a Tattoo Done – Things to Know

  1. Both of those are really nice pieces of ink. I get what you mean by some people don’t know why they want to get a tattoo. It’s something for life and if it means something to you, you will cherish it all your life.

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