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Every girl dream for a perfect bridal look on her wedding day. The most incredible part of a bridal look is a beautiful wedding gown.  The to be brides usually spend ample in selecting her dream wedding gown. But the bridal look is made perfect when your accessories and style goes perfect with your wedding gown. Below are few tips to get a perfect wedding day look.

  • Know your style. Is it bohemian, country, tropical, or vintage? Are you planning for a fairy tale wedding, or one that is eccentric, whimsical, traditional or contemporary? Play to the strengths of your signature aesthetic: if you coordinate correctly, your dress and accessories will echo your bridal theme. Keeping this in mind can be very helpful when you first begin shopping. For example, you might choose to make your own floral hair wreath for a ceremony in the woods.

    Get the perfect wedding day look
    Get the perfect wedding day look
  • Give the dress the floor. When you try it on, what is missing? You may choose an A-Line Wedding Dresses or Ball gown wedding dresses for your wedding which is quite bottom-heavy, meaning it might look best with just a few delicate ornaments – a thin chain necklace, simple bracelet or stud earrings – to make it appear lighter. If you’re rocking a short skirt, you may want a statement piece. If your silhouette is straightforward and modest, you might turn it up with accessories that sparkle; on the other hand, if your dress is already shimmering with gems and rhinestones, extra sparkle may be the opposite of what you need.
  • Match your colors and metals. What color is your wedding dress? Pearls and platinum jewelry complement true white princess wedding dresses the best, whereas gold and silver are a fine choice for slightly off-white and ivory bridal gowns. If you choose to implement color into your ensemble, select just one when jazzing up your all-white dress with a pair of colored heels, a sash or headpiece. You can also apply a single color throughout your jewelry pieces,. If you want to combine a few different hues in your jewelry or accessories, use the flowers in your bouquet to complement those colors and pull them together.

    Get the perfect wedding day look
    Get the perfect wedding day look
  • Know when to accessorize, and when not to. Would an accessory really add to your bridal gown, or distract from it? If your beautiful ball gown wedding dress has an attention-grabbing neckline or beautifully detailed back, skip the necklace and balance the focus by pulling the eye upward with a pair of dangling chandelier earrings or a lacey veil. Maybe you’d prefer glamorous white gloves – or even fingerless gloves. Perhaps an ornate bracelet will help to help draw attention to your new wedding ring! When it comes to accessories, one to four pieces are ideal for dressing up your outfit without overwhelming the eye (excluding earrings – a cute pair of studs goes well with about any bridal ensemble).

    Get the perfect wedding day look
    Get the perfect wedding day look
  • Be true to your style. Are you often seen sporting a wrist full of bracelets? Then why not create the perfect arm candy on your wedding day! Don’t like necklaces? Don’t wear one! Your big day is an excuse to buy fabulous accessories you might not have the opportunity to wear otherwise, but you don’t want to operate too far out of your comfort zone on such an important day. You might be playing dress up, but your friends, family and partner wouldn’t want you to come as anyone other than yourself. Select the accessories that speak to you, and have fun creating your dream wedding dress look!
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