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Retail stores are an epitome of customer experience. They willfully reflect the ideals of a brand and acquaint people with their products. However, ever since online shopping took over, the standard of buying products at brick and mortar stores is a dying breed. Nevertheless, there are some product categories such as furniture that is best purchased at a retail store.

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an atmosphere that dictates a brand and highlights the products. It is an effective tool that helps in exerting influence over buying behaviours by stimulating mood. There is no doubt that lighting does assist in driving sales in the retail industry. However, not all lighting solutions perform equally. LED lights are the gold standard when it comes to illuminating indoor spaces, especially retail stores that receive much attention.

How Do LED Lights Benefit Furniture and Furnishing Stores?

LED lights benefit retail stores such as furniture stores in many ways. To understand the benefits, let’s take a closer look at the following points.

  • Stimulates Mood Through Color Temperature- The colour temperature of a light source is known to stimulate the mood which influences buying behaviour of people. It is a physical characteristic and a measure of light’s colour. It dictates how people perceive the environment around them. A furniture store usually has different sections that have furniture for different use. The lighting design should be in a way that it adequately covers all areas according to the ambience of each of them. For instance, the area in the furniture store where beddings are placed should have a warmer colour tone as it gives a more relaxed, personal and intimate feeling. Kitchen areas should have a cooler undertone to impart that ‘active’ feeling. LEDs can successfully help in creating different scenes, along with colour interplay to complement a product.
  • High Color Rendering Index-Everybody has gone through this. They see a product at a store, buy it and when they bring it home or wear it outdoors; the colour turns out to be different. The problem here was not the product, but the poor lighting at the store with a low colour rendering index that could not imitate the colours precisely.

Color Rendering Index (shortened as CRI) is a numerical measure of the capacity of light to imitate actual colours. Simply put, it helps to predict how good a light source reproduces colour. If a customer is looking to buy blue curtains and end up seeing a tint of green in the product – the lighting is poor and has failed.

It is essential for furniture stores to have lighting solutions with high CRI since the more precisely a colour is replicated, the better are the chances to make a sale. LEDs have an extremely high CRI that ranges from 85-95. Sunlight is rated at 100, which is the maximum number.

  1. Better Thermal Management For Cooler Surroundings- All retail stores have HVAC systems that do keep the surroundings cool; however, it is essential to make sure that the current lighting is not emitting any extra heat. LED lights have active thermal management system which restricts them in emitting heat. Heat in furniture store can damage products such as pillows and curtains made of delicate fabrics. LEDs keep the surroundings cool and minimise heat. LED lights from Wipro Lighting are ideal for retail application. They are aesthetically pleasing, have superior thermal management and are driven by latest technology.
  2. Creates an Ambience to Complement the Store- A furniture store must boast of an ambience that complements the brand. Creating harmony among all attributes of design and lighting is essential for the overall persona of the store. LED lights are available across various fixtures such as pendant lights, recessed lights and spotlights that can come together to revamp a store like anything else.
  3. Eco-Friendly- If a store cares about the carbon footprint, installing LED lights will help lower it. Also, anyone dealing with eco-friendly products or green furniture, should not look beyond LED lights. These lighting solutions are eco-friendly and do not emit harmful UV rays; thus, not damaging the skin of the customers or even products. They are a cost-effective solution that is free from mercury and is low on maintenance.

Customer experience is paramount in the world of retail. Every inch of space is utilised to maximise customer’s presence and response. From lighting to design and placement of products, everything must bear a synergy and come together to give a flawless experience to the customer. Lighting does help in creating an inviting space that attracts shoppers. Using lights correctly will accentuate the products better and impart a premium aura to the store.

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