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Going abroad is always exciting, a dream for many of us. When the time comes to leave your dear ones and go abroad to a different country, there is a slight hesitation. The fact that you are going to miss them and you can’t see them until you are back (skype etc can’t replace the physical feel). Be it going out of our country or coming back, it’s always a long journey and a journey of mixed emotions. Long flights can be boring and irritating if not with the right support staff.  Have you guys seen the latest video by British Airways, It’s truly heart warming. Our culture, traditions, love and emotional attachment is what makes our land special and that’s why it’s Incredible India. With this latest short story, British Airways showcases that love and care spans generations and cultures.

You can see more details about BA here Fuelled by Love

The story is about a cabin crew who has to travel to India for the first time and is excited as well as nervous at the same time . Once in the flight, she meets an old lady whom she takes care of very well and by the end of the journey the old lady invites her to her home. Although not a usual one, something makes her to visits the old lady’s home and rest of the video shows how every Indian household treats their guests- ‘Atithi devo bhava’. She thoroughly enjoys her visit along with authentic food and Indian culture. They both develop a deep bond of care and mutual respect which is shot beautifully.

British Airways
Fuelled by Love
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