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Old Delhi is a food heaven! Be it Paratha Wali Gali or Jama Masjid every foodie returns after a tummy full meal with a big smile on face. Last month our friend had come from Bangalore and all he wanted was a food tour in Delhi. And yes, all our friends are foodies 😛

So it was a Friday evening and we decided to visit Jama Masjid area for dinner. Knowing about the traffic and narrow roads near Jama Masjid, we parked our car about 1Km away from Jama Masjid and walked through the busy lanes of Old Delhi. As it’s a food hub for non-vegetarians we decided not to get distracted and focus straight to the famous Al-Jawahar.

Al Jawahar- Old Delhi

We reached Al-Jawahar and as expected we found a long queue in front of the restaurant. The best part is that there are people to manage the people waiting for a table and they have pretty much reduced the chaos. As you enter Al- Jawahar you’ll find live cooking just outside the restaurant. Fresh Tandoori roti’s coming out of tandoor, sheek kebab getting prepared and huge vessels of biriyani being readied and busy staff serving all of these to customers inside.

Sheek Kebab getting prepared at Al Jawahar
Al Jawahar- Old Delhi
Al Jawahar- Old Delhi

After about 30 minutes wait we got seats and like any foodie, we were excited to hog some good food.

For starters, we ordered tandoori chicken and Sheermal. As expected Tandoori chicken was too good and our plates were empty within minutes 😛 Sheermal is a slightly sweetened bread with saffron flavour. Sheermal has got Persian Origin and it’s something very different from all kinds of bread’s we tasted before.

Tandoori chicken- Al Jawahar

The next thing we ordered was Mutton Shami Kebab, the finely minced kebab was made with perfection. I somehow found it too meaty for my taste but everyone else loves it. The kebab was spiced with the perfect mix of spices along with their special masala.

Shami Kebab- Al Jawahar

Our last order was the legendary chicken Changezi. We ordered a full chicken Changezi which came in a traditional serving pot with lots of gravy. The best part is tandoori roti which is complementary with Chicken Changezi. Yay! 😛

Chicken Changezi was spot on; loaded with lots of flavours. Chicken pieces were soft, tender and cooked to perfection. The chicken Changezi was a bit spicy and perfect for our taste. But those who prefer your food less Spicy can try something else like butter chicken which will match your spice level.

After a tummy full meal, we came out to try some dessert. There was this guy selling Shahi Tukda just in front of Al- Jawahar and we were craving for something sweet after the heavy and wholesome meal. By then it was almost midnight and streets of Jama Masjid was still crowded.

By 12 we started walking back towards the road where we parked our car. There are a number of food joints on the side of the road with live kitchen which you can see as you walk through the streets of Jama Masjid; most of them crowded. There was one joint Qureshi’s, famous for the kebabs and chicken starters which were heavily crowded (next on our list 😛 )

Qureshi Kabab Corner- Old Delhi

There are a number of famous restaurants like Kareem’s and Al-Jawar who serve good food but the street food joints also looked promising.

We thoroughly enjoyed our night in the busy streets of Jama Masjid and it’s a must visit for hardcore foodies who are pure Non- vegetarians, we repeat pure Non-vegetarians:D


  • If you are going in the morning, try for the Jama Masjid parking or Red fort parking. From there it’s a short walk or a short ride in the e-rickshaw. If coming by metro, get down at Jama Masjid metro station.
  • If you are going at night, try to park the vehicle near the shops just before you enter the road towards Jama Masjid (opposite Red fort parking) as it is difficult to find space once you enter the narrow road.
  • Try to target one place at a time as the food quantity lets you eat from one place only 🙂
  • During Ramadan evenings you can get more special food items too.
  • Don’t go there if you have eaten somewhere else already 😛
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